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Training Sniffing Dogs

Do you ever wonder how dogs find criminals in a passenger ship? It’s simple: by sniffing. They are called […]

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how to stop your dog from pulling

How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling

Learn how to stop your dog from pulling in this information packed guide. Knowing what steps to take to dissuade your dog from pulling is very important to every owner who wants to enjoy a walk with their dog. A lot of problems related to dog behavior are a result of your dog pulling/dragging you along the road. In a nutshell, your pet feels he is in control of the walk or in technical terms, he believes he is the pack leader. The numerous leads, gadgets and collars in […]


How to help a fearful dog gain confidence

This article informing about how to help a fearful dog gain confidence. Its unfortunate that many people do not understand dogs that are fearful. In the process of trying to make them better, they instead worsen the situation. Fearful dogs are usually the ones without a strong character to lead them as pack leader. Most times, the most gentle and nicest people own these type of dogs. These owners often only want their dogs to enjoy the life others experience in a free, happy and fun-filled environment. Their […]

train dog come called every time

How to train your dog to come when called every time

Why does my dog not come when I call her? It is common to get complaints stating that their dog does not respond to their call. Only few training exercises are funnier than the recall training because we often commit many errors. I will elucidate. Our aim is to make our dog (Bella. come running at top speed to us. To achieve this, we have to paint ‘here bella’ as the world’s greatest command which has the greatest rewards and results. More tips are outlined below: Do […]

How To Use Dog Treats Correctly in Dog Training

How To Use Dog Treats Correctly in Dog Training

In this article, we will show you how to use dog treats correctly in dog training. It’s a common scenario to see a dog who just wouldn’t respond to treats or a dog who only behaves when you offer a food treat. In fact, it could even be the case of you and your pet. We often feel frustrated and feel it’s wrong when we can only get our dog to respond by offering something. The cheering news is that we can show you why it can […]

dog aggression training children

Dog aggression and Training your Children

The aggression: everybody loves his or her pets. However, they love their children more than the pets. If pet misbehaves, things can go ugly. Sometimes owners decide to throw the pet out. Sometimes they give it to others. The dog is famous for such behaviors. The unusual aggression may hurt your child. It is important for the master to consider few things. 1. Do not leave your child and dog alone. It is always better not to leave your kid alone with a dog. Especially if the […]