5 Tips To Make Your Dog Smarter

5 Quick Tips to a Smarter Dog

Giving your dog mental stimulation is essential. If we consistently disobey our dogs’ wishes, they might become bored and act out. Additionally, they usually see a decrease in their general mental health. To stop this, here are five quick tips to help you challenge your puppy and turn them into the genius you know they are.

1) Take the less traveled path.

That is true. Now and then, take your dog on a new path. Your dog misses out on opportunities to learn new things by walking the same route daily. Additionally, expand this beyond just walking to other areas of your dog’s life. You may teach your dog new commands or new skills. In other words, give your dog lots of chances to use their brain by exposing them to novel and new things in their environment.

2) Keep dog toys hidden

Given that most dogs are fiercely motivated to get what they desire, why not use this to exercise your dog’s brain? If your puppy wants a toy, hide it under a blanket or a laundry basket (but make sure they know you put it there because you don’t want to frustrate them needlessly). While you unwind, observe how they apply their problem-solving skills to acquire them. Congratulations when they complete the problem just as they reach for the toy.

If your dog is having trouble or becoming frustrated, make things simpler for them first, gradually making things harder and harder as time goes on.

3) Introduce New Words to Your Dog

Why not spend some time giving your dog other words to learn? Dogs are always ready to learn new words. It might be a good idea to say, “Let’s go potty,” before opening the door to let your dog out. Your dog should run to you when you say, “Let’s go potty.” If required, repeat this procedure. Dogs quickly make the connection between language and action. They anticipate events rapidly, so you should observe some instant results.

4) Ensure that senior dogs are taught new skills.

Just because your dog is getting older shouldn’t mean you should stop training them. The proverb “If you don’t use it, you lose it” applies to aging humans and dogs. And indeed, you can teach new tricks to an old dog. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you keep in mind that it may take them a little longer to catch on. A dog’s brain is constantly able to learn new information. You have to decide if you want to risk it.

5) Engage Your Dog in Brain Games

Like a muscle, the brain needs exercise to grow. The best way to increase your dog’s intelligence is to teach them specialized “brain games” and “brain workouts.” You may play these fun little games to help your dog’s brain grow and learn new skills. Twenty-one excellent brain games are included in this beautiful “Brain Training for Dogs” course, including treasure hunts, hide-and-seek, playing the piano, and more. Each competition is organized into a simple, step-by-step process that will help you train your dog to be obedient and well-behaved. Click here to view it.