January is National Train Your Dog Month. Our behaviour department offers several training programs at the Winnipeg Humane Society. There is a lesson for every dog at every level of development, covering things like fundamental obedience, canine manners, and even picking up new skills. Additionally, they are open year-round!

These six dog training benefits for you and your pet are listed below!

1. It boosts your dog’s confidence.

When you train your dog via positive reinforcement, you demonstrate to them the importance of making decisions and engaging with you and their environment to receive gratifying incentives like treats and praise. Your dog will be more open to new experiences once they realize they are rewarding and positive.

2. A greater bond will form between you and your dog.

As you set boundaries, get to know one another, and share positive experiences, your bond will gradually grow more trusting and respectful. You will also be able to trust your companion because you made an effort to ensure proper behaviour.

3. Training Your Dog Helps Reduce Unwanted or Unpleasant Behavior.

Because you and your dog will have a closer bond and be able to communicate with one another, setting boundaries for what is and isn’t allowed will be easier. Regular training sessions help prevent behaviour problems by keeping your dog’s mind and body busy in a good way.

4. Your dog can become more friendly with the appropriate training.

As they learn boundaries and acceptable social conduct, your dog will feel more at ease around humans and other dogs. This will lead to more positive experiences between you and your dog!

5. Increased security via training

Making sure your pet understands your cues could prevent you from avoiding scenarios where it might collide with other dogs or animals, rush onto a busy road, or put itself in danger in some other way. Additionally, you’ll probably gain a deeper understanding of your dog and be better equipped to prevent future problems like resource guarding!

6. Makes working with your dog easier for pet specialists.

Dogs whose owners have worked on handling exercises and training typically have better grooming and vet appointments, which makes the experience for both your pet and the groomer or vet!