7 Tips To Stop A Puppy Barking When Left Alone

how to stop dog barking when left alone

After calming and comforting your dog, so they won’t cry out for attention, do you dread leaving them alone?

It’s a common phobia among new dog parents! What can you do to help your dog finally nod off when you leave the room?

Help your dog get used to being by himself with these seven bits of advice.

1. Exhaust your pet!

It’s well known that puppies have almost limitless energy! This allows for some great playtime, but if your dog has too much-unreleased power, it may get agitated and unable to unwind. To avoid this, ensure your dog gets plenty of mental and physical exercise throughout the day. If you take your puppy on lengthy walks and engage them in lots of play, they will sleep calmly when left alone.

Try not to let your puppy take long naps during the day or right before bed! If your dog naps for an extended period, it won’t sleep through the night. To encourage sound sleep, it is advised to take your dog for a walk and have some fun two hours before bed.

2. Make a regular schedule for using the restroom.

Does your dog whine when it’s time for you to go out? To help your puppy learn when to expect to go potty, it’s essential to set up a regular toilet schedule. If not, you risk leaving the room with a bewildered dog!

3. Having fewer foods and liquids before going to bed

Along with creating a timetable for the restroom, try to feed your dog at the exact times each day. Never feed or drink your dog too close to bedtime because they will need to relieve themselves! It would help if you provided your puppy three hours before bedtime, then after an hour, stop giving them any water to help them fall asleep and stay asleep all night. By setting up regular meal times, your dog will stop whining and barking for food and start looking forward to it.

Remember that younger puppies with smaller bladders can still need midnight eliminations. However, this will happen less frequently as they age and their potty training progresses.

4. Keep your puppy’s interest.

A bored puppy can occasionally act out! Chew toys, food puzzles, and games are all crucial to keep your pet entertained and interested all the time. Keep them busy. Your puppy may be barking and begging for playtime and attention. Toys and puzzles made of food, such as the Kong Toy, are beneficial. Your dog will feel better because licking is a self-soothing action. You can encourage sound sleep by providing your child with these toys before bed.

5. Examine your health to see if there are any problems.

Suppose you can’t figure out why your dog barks when left alone and have already ruled out distractions, boredom, and other possible causes. In that case, you might want to talk to your vet to ensure nothing is wrong.

6. Avoid using violence in response to each bark!

Remember that even though it’s essential for your pet to learn to settle alone, the procedure may take a few weeks. To encourage and reinforce this learning, more extended periods of peaceful solitude might be rewarded; however, it’s important not to respond hastily to any barking or howling. When a puppy starts to bark, don’t run back into the room immediately; instead, wait to see whether they stop. This will teach your dog that remaining calm and quiet is a desirable trait.

If you would instead have your puppy sleep in a different room or box, avoid having it rest in your bed.

This reinforces the idea that they need you close by to settle when you need them to sleep in a different room.

7. Create a puppy-safe zone.

Create a safe, supportive environment for your puppy to feel comfortable when left alone. Even when you’re not there, giving your pet a relaxing haven with treats, calming blankets, and things that smell like you, like an old t-shirt, will make them feel more at ease. When you need your dog to relax and slow down, a relaxing background noise source, like the radio, may help.

Never use your dog’s safe room as a place to punish them; instead, make sure it’s a comfortable, relaxing area for them to rest.