7 Ways You’re Spoiling Your Dog (How To Do It The Right, Healthy Way)


I don’t want to generalize, but dog owners love spoiling their dogs. I believe dogs deserve it! They’re delicious. They provide us with comfort when we are depressed. And they still love us at six in the morning on a Saturday in January, regardless of what we say or do. A good thing, though, can quickly become detrimental if there is too much of it. Your pup can have whatever they want as long as it’s good for its health and wellness. These six warning signs show that you are spoiling your dog (in an unhealthy way).

Seven Signs You’re Spoiling Your Dog

1. You feed human food to your dog because he prefers it.

Giving your dog leftovers from the table is a one-way trip to Spoil Town. You are encouraging her by begging and maybe giving her food she shouldn’t be eating. Alternatively, she eats food that has more calories than she requires. She is very spoiled if she rejects dog food when it is placed in front of her.

2. You give out treats like there’s no tomorrow.

According to Preventive Vet, treatments shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s diet. Giving her a treat each time she asks for one or complying with instructions may make her obese as she ages. Overweight dogs are more susceptible to heart issues, arthritis, and cancer. Do not overindulge in treats, not even during training exercises.

3. You carry your dog if she feels fatigued.

Small dog owners take caution! You are spoiling your dog if you take her up and carry her around anytime she shows fatigue. Furthermore, you are hurting your dog. Running and walking are both necessary types of exercise for dogs. It maintains their internal and external physical and mental well-being. If you notice that your dog gets tired very quickly, take her to the vet to ensure everything is okay. Aim for shorter routes, or limit your time in the dog park.

4. Your dog is more stylishly attired than you.

A thick sweater and winter booties make excellent additions to a dog’s wardrobe. Don’t forget a Halloween costume and a rain slicker! It’s time to stop buying your dog new clothes if you notice that her wardrobe fills the entire closet. The expense of dog equipment is a factor. Instead of buying the latest (dog) trends, you might want to invest in a few pieces that will last.

5. To fit your dog, you bought a king-size bed.

I am aware of a couple that acquired a king-size mattress after adopting a greyhound that had recently retired from racing (which is an excellent route for anyone interested in high-energy, adorable animals). They eventually caved after the dog insisted on lying in their bed. Although it can be sweet, if you constantly move aside for your dog in the middle of the night, she will learn that she can get away with much more. She is pampered if she refuses to go to her kennel or bed and keeps you up at night. If she wakes up during the night every time you move, she may not be receiving enough sleep, which is terrible for her immune system.

6. You constantly excuse her improper actions.

Dogs repeat behaviours they are aware of that will result in incentives, claims Bark Busters, a company that offers at-home dog training services. As a result, if your dog jumps on people when she is happy to see them, she will do so until you reprimand her. In essence, to ignore bad behaviour is to support it. Explain to your dog the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour—dogs like structure and limits. If not, your dog can develop aggression against both people and other animals, making it difficult for you to take her anywhere.

7. Your dog is by your side at all times.

Nearly irreconcilable The constant company of your dog may make you feel secure and satisfied. Still, it could eventually lead to separation anxiety in your dog. Happy and safe dogs are autonomous and can survive without you for a while. Whining, barking, howling, or other separation anxiety signs shouldn’t result when you take your pup on a walk by yourself. (Continue reading to find out why you should leave your dog at least 15 minutes of solitude today.)

The Right Way To Spoil Your Dog

Right now is the exciting part. Positive reinforcement, wholesome treats, and irregular trips to the spa are all fantastic ways to show your pup how much you care. She will feel spoiled rotten, but in a good way, we guarantee.

1. Take your dog to the spa.

Every dog needs its nails trimmed regularly. Instead of doing your dog’s nails at home the next time, hire a professional to trim and file them. Dog spas like Pet A Cure in Chicago provide a variety of treatments that will leave your dog feeling refreshed and clean. This does not need to occur each week! Put a lot of emphasis on it. If your dog needs to go to the groomer often because of its fur, you might want to add an extra service like a skin conditioner or teeth cleaning.

2. Give your dog a massage

You don’t need anyone else to use this spa service. Giving your dog a massage is an excellent way to reestablish your bond with her and relax her tense muscles after a hard day at the dog park or when you return home from a trip. All you need is a calm, comfortable spot in your home and some persistence.

3. Give your frozen dog treats in the summer.

Don’t use the same old bowl of water anymore! Give your pup a frozen treat as a surprise the next time it’s hot outside. The American Kennel Club recommends giving dogs Kongs filled with peanut butter straight from the freezer. Avoid human products like ice cream and popsicles at all costs.

4. Hand out treats and fun toys.

Spoil your dog with two treats in one day by using a treat toy that requires interaction. Interactive toys, such as these great dog puzzles, are excellent tools for keeping dogs busy and engaged on their own. The ones designed to carry treats also serve as a reward for a well-done job. As a result, both your dog’s physical and mental health will benefit from dessert.

5. Sign up with a dog food delivery service.

A pet food subscription that sends canine-appropriate portions of human-grade food may be helpful for dogs who seek human food. Even if it appears as though you are spoiling your dog, the final result is that they learn to eat from their plate and receive a lot of nutrition along the way.

6. Give your dog a job.

Of course, you already do this, but how often? Since dogs thrive on attention and close relationships with their owners, spend a little more time each day interacting with your dog. Playing and exercising together will help your dog earn her food and treats (and probably sleep soundly that night). Furthermore, you don’t need a sizable yard for this. You can engage in a ton of indoor activities with your dog.