9 Things You Should Know About Merle French Bulldogs


French bulldogs are popular pets because of their outgoing and active personalities. The merle gene has also given them magnificent fur coats and eye-catching blues. In the following pages, you may read more about merle French bulldogs and their popularity.

1. Dogs’ unusual coat patterns are an inherited feature known as merle.

This gene results in a wide range of pattern types that look solid or piebald. Even though it predominantly affects a dog’s coat, it can result in heterochromia iridium. This condition results in the eyes being of different shades.

2. Double Merle

There is a 25% possibility that every litter produced by mating two merle dogs will contain a double merle. In a double merle, the merle gene is passed down twice. A double merle dog has an almost white coat with a few spots of color distributed throughout, unlike a dog with a standard merle coat. Double merles are likely to be born blind, deaf, or both.

3. Merle fur results from a dog having a single copy of the M allele.

Merle dogs have the genotype Mm, which denotes only one copy of the merle allele (M) and one copy of the non-merle allele in each of them (m). If you breed a non-merle dog (mm) to a merle dog, you will often have a litter of puppies that are half merle and half non-merle (Mm).

Half-merle, one-quarter non-merle, and one-quarter double-merle puppies are frequently present in a litter of puppies that result from mating two merle dogs.

4. Merle French Bulldogs Are Frequently Born With Blue Eyes

One of the most distinctive features of the merle French bulldog is its bright blue eyes. These are brought on by the M-locus gene, also known as the merle gene, present in their body. Random pigment dilution brought on by this gene lightens their eye color.

While the ALX4 gene can produce result blue eyes, merle French bulldogs are the primary carriers of this gene. A French bulldog with this gene is likely to have blue eyes. On the other hand, a French bulldog without the ALX4 gene is more likely to have brown eyes.

Besides low melanin levels, certain merle French bulldogs may also have blue eyes. If the dog’s body has less of this amino acid, they are more likely to develop blue eyes.


5. Merle French Bulldogs are more expensive than standard French Bulldogs.

Because this breed of French bulldog is not a natural one, its price is significantly higher. These dogs can be acquired for anywhere between $6,000 and $8,000, as opposed to the regular French bulldog, which costs between $1,500 and $3,000.

Merle Along with being expensive to buy, French bulldogs require costly maintenance. Due to their genetic makeup and insatiable appetite, they regularly need veterinarian care.

6. Due to their rarity, finding one of these dogs can be challenging.

Typically, finding a breeder only requires a quick online search. Additionally, it does not necessarily imply that the breeders are reliable. To ensure that you purchase from a reputable breeder, request a DNA test for the dog and make arrangements for a quick physical examination.

7. Despite not being purebred, Merle French Bulldogs.

This is because a merle French bulldog can occasionally result from crossing different dog breeds. For a dog to be considered purebred, its parents must be of the same species.

Does the AKC recognize Merle French Bulldogs? Can they become AKC members?

The majority of merle French bulldogs are eligible for AKC registration. However, their hue is not one of the permitted shades for the breed. Despite this, the AKC continues to accept them.

AKC registration forms are required before registering a merle French bulldog with the group. Take a picture of your animal after that. Both the front and side of your dog should be visible in the photos. Afterward, write your dog’s name and AKC registration number on the back of the images (given on the form). Once you’ve finished, please fill out the rest of the registration form and mail it to the address at the top.

8. Merle French Bulldogs Are Affected by Health Issues

Genetic abnormalities are the main problem. An uncommon genetic condition in this dog may result in stunted limbs, blindness, or deafness. Hip dysplasia, immune system issues, allergies, and cardiac irregularities are common in merle French bulldogs.

Additionally, keep in mind that because of their light-colored eyes, they sometimes have some eye anomalies. Some more common problems include one vision being more significant than the other, one eye having a nictitating membrane covering it, cataracts, and coloboma.

9. Purchasing a merle French bulldog is a much-debated subject.

Many people feel that buying a merle French bulldog is essential since, without such purchases, these charming animals would end up in shelters. Its opponents claim that doing so will only make it easier for dishonest breeders to maintain their business. They contend that because they frequently experience significant health problems, this type of French bulldog lives in agony.

To purchase a merle French bulldog, you must be prepared for any health issues. Make the dog’s breeder a reputable one as well. This will ensure the dogs get the proper hydration, care, and socializing. A good breeder would often be happy to answer any questions you have about their dogs.

Merle French bulldogs are lovely dogs distinguished by their distinctive coat patterns. They are affectionate and gentle dogs, but due to their genetic composition, they have serious health problems.