Brain Training For Dogs Review – Adrienne Farricelli – Brain Training Review

You’ll discover exactly how much joy dogs may bring if you’re lucky enough to have at least one in your life. Dogs provide excellent buddies that are unreplaceable. Having my puppy greet me when I go home from work warms my heart more than anything. Puppy ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, too, and if you don’t train them, they could develop less than cute bad habits.

Dogs have the potential to become into vicious creatures who charge at humans or other animals, or they could get into the habit of pulling constantly when you take them on walks. These are only a few possible behaviors for untrained dogs, and believe me when I say that I’ve witnessed many of them with my own little ball of fur.

Encourage the mind of your dog.

Brain training and mental stimulation are essential for puppies to grow and meet their natural needs as well as to reduce stress and anxiety.

Your dog’s intellect can be stimulated by a variety of routine tasks, games, and toys that you create or purchase. This allows you to spend more time with your pet while also provoking thought and solution-finding in them.

There are a variety of strategies and canine brain training techniques. The information below includes some game suggestions as well as a synopsis of Andrea Farricelli’s book Brain Training for Dogs.

A Few Thought-Provoking Exercises

Asking your furry companion to search for anything you’ve hidden will enable it to assume the role of a detective. Start with a straightforward item, such as a child’s favorite toy, and progress to more difficult tasks. Dogs have a good sense of smell and like searching. Playing this game will make your dog smarter.

As well, try concealing the food for your dog. This activity can also be done outside. Instead of allowing it to wander around in search of food, place it in the dish.

Another popular game is called “Go fetch.” It may be difficult at first to get your dog to chase after a specific object and bring it back to you, so start by throwing something he appreciates, such a favorite toy.

You two will also take pleasure in a game of hide and seek. I enjoy playing it with my ball of love. Remember that the searcher may give up looking for you if you are hidden too far away or in a difficult area.

To find out about more amusing and instructive activities you can play with your pet, read more about Brain Training for Dogs in the article.

What Does Training the Dog Brain Entail?

The Brain Training for Dogs is something I wish I had bought when my dog was a puppy. especially because my training philosophy emphasizes force-free training, which is something that it emphasizes. The program’s goal is to mentally challenge your dog, which will cause them to reveal hidden knowledge and alter their bad behavior.


It doesn’t use techniques like harsh commands and punishment, which make your dog untrustworthy and depressed, which makes learning more difficult. The instruction emphasizes positive reinforcement training, which helps your dog become an active participant, a problem-solver, and a quick learner.

Who Is Adrienne Farricelli?

Before we get to the program evaluation, let’s establish who Adrienne Farricelli is.

The author of Brain Training for Dogs is a CPDT-KA (Qualified Pet Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed) certified dog trainer. In the past, she worked as a veterinary hospital assistant at a dog shelter and an animal hospital. Some major journals have acknowledged her achievements, and she also works as a behavior consultant.

She obviously has several dogs of different kinds, and she has trained the intellect of her puppies using her methods.

Adrienne trains dogs softly, without using physical coercion, and in accordance with science.

In the materials, she provides examples of how to train your dog using rewards and helpful feedback, and guess what? This will help you and your dog become closer while also successfully training the fluffy ball of hair.

According to Adrienne Faricelli, the training is suitable for young puppies, adults, and geriatric dogs.

But keep in mind that the program will be mentally and physically demanding for both you and your canine companion.

Adrienne spent ten years creating and refining the Brain Training for Dogs program, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.


What is Included in Dog Brain Training?

Adrienne tackles every issue you might encounter, including aggression, hyperactivity, impulse management, chewing, whining, and much more.

There is a substantial amount of material that describes and illustrates the technique. Images serve as examples of how a task should be performed. Each of the seven courses is broken down step-by-step by Adrienne utilizing videos of one of her own dogs.

A section of the curriculum dedicated to pups discusses how owners should start spending a little time, every day, training to reduce issues when the puppy gets older. This section will be very beneficial for those who want to prepare for dog ownership.

Depending on your dog’s age, you’d be surprised at how many various training techniques there are. It is crucial to establish a bond with the puppy since this time period, known as the “fear stage,” is when the puppy is growing and maturing.

Because it focuses on remedies for various behavioral issues that dog owners may encounter with their canines, the section on behavioral issues is particularly useful.

Each of the ten or more supplementary articles with images that make up each subsection of this category each demonstrate how to solve a particular problem you are experiencing. For instance, the section on aggression contains more than twenty articles that can assist you in understanding your dog’s challenges and putting the appropriate strategies into practice.

Adrienne’s extensive collection contains remedies to problems she believes are more common, and they are very beneficial to all dog owners.

Numerous case studies are available for reading, and a forum where users and dog owners can interact is also available.

If you think that’s more than enough, you’re in for a treat. A number of the features in the package will help you teach your dog manners like handshakes and bows, among other things.

Additionally, Adrienne herself will be there to encourage you throughout the treatment.

What Steps Does The Program Take?

The application, which has 21 games and 7 levels, has three games for each level (modules). Each module is based on a certain grade level; for example, it starts in preschool and moves through elementary school, high school, and other levels until your dog graduates and reaches the last Einstein level.

At the end of each chapter, a challenge with a grade range of A–F is offered to further the entertainment. The intention is to boost your dog’s intelligence and self-assurance.

Do you have any new training methods for your dog? That’s not a problem at all! Instead of starting at the Pre-school level, simply start with the Obedience 101 portion.

Which lessons will your dog learn at kindergarten? It will learn how to focus on you by making eye contact, how to use its nose and paws to touch an object that it has previously chosen.

Would you like to know what skills your dog will possess after completing the Einstein level? It will learn how to play the piano and, much better, how to clean.

Each game’s instructions are provided in both visual and video form, and the material is often straightforward to follow.

If dogs have problems learning some of the abilities, there is a troubleshooting section that offers suggestions on how to make the process simpler. This helps avoid aggravating dogs because some of them lose interest and focus more rapidly than others. The degree of difficulty for each game can be increased as soon as pupils start to comprehend the idea.

What will happen now that your dog has mastered the tricky trick? The test is about to start. The test is the trick that your dog just recently learned to do. You assess the dog’s performance using a range of factors, including how long it took the dog to complete the task.

To reward the furry ball for finishing the task successfully, buy toys and refreshments. When it comes to timing, a timer and a few other tools are required, but try to improvise and use what you already have at home.


Does It Work?

There are several accessible books on how to train dogs. Many websites demand monthly payments in exchange for informative content on dog training. Additionally, the cost of hiring a dog trainer can range from $30 to $50 for each class, while the cost of private training sessions can range from $45 to $120 per hour.

Let’s first look at what you are getting from the Brain Training for Dogs program before judging whether it is useful.

The approach is straightforward to use and comes with thorough, step-by-step instructions because you have to train your dog yourself. Since every puppy learns at a different pace, there are also several levels and easier tasks for slower learners.

If you hire a professional trainer to work with your dog, one training session will last an hour. Using this method will only take you ten to fifteen minutes per day, which is a small amount of time that anyone can dedicate to their little ball of love.

You should consider Adrienne’s methods as well. How do you feel about them? Personally, I support Adrienne’s plans. They are beneficial, supported by science, don’t call for harsh training or punishment, and they are constructive.

I think the price is really reasonable for this program. It costs $47 plus bonuses and is yours to keep forever, as opposed to paying monthly fees for some websites.

It’s time for the pros and cons.

I think you are already aware of all the advantages of this program, but nothing is perfect, as we all know. The following list includes a quick summary of the program’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • I believe that using positive reward techniques while using force-free education is the most important;
  • You get a seasoned author who has embodied their words;
  • An application with simple video and graphic tutorials;
  • The incorporation of a range of extras and bonuses;
  • Forum and Adrienne’s assistance;
  • If you’re unhappy with the outcomes, you can get your money back within 60 days according to their money-back guarantee.


  • The book and videos are only sent to you in PDF format; there is no hard copy edition;
  • You must be patient and put in the time if you want to see the extraordinary changes in your dog’s behavior;
  • The audio quality and clarity of the videos may be a little bit better.

My final thoughts

Adrienne’s strategy is uncomplicated and easy to implement. If you don’t skip any levels or tasks, your dog’s behavior and mental stimulation should get better.

I appreciate how the author focused on the problems that frequently come up when we connect with our canine friends.

By following this strategy, you will improve your relationship with the dog, increase its education, and give it the ability to handle particular problems. All of that is possible through games and playful interaction.

It will be challenging and demand a lot of tenacity, dedication, and effort, but it will also be fun. Many people, not just the dog, will benefit from this program. You’ll learn a lot about your animal friend, which will help you understand it better.

Overall, you’ll pay a reasonable price for a wealth of information.

Click here to view the whole Brain Training For Dogs program.