Brain Training For Dogs Review: Does It Really Work?

I’ll be giving my review of the brain training for the dogs training program, which I purchased and used personally today.
I want to help your decision about whether to enrol in this program as simple as I can for you now.

Why did I decide to purchase this program?

When she was younger, my dog used to run down the street at full speed, attack other dogs, and gnaw up pretty much everything in her path.
My husband constantly reminded me of life before our pets, which was starting to cause problems at home. It would be an understatement to say that I was under a lot of stress.
I led hunting for help because I urgently required a repair!

I Found This Program Here

To find out more about the services that are dog trainers and consultants phoned, I made a few phone calls to them. Unsurprisingly, it was well beyond my financial capacity.
What sane mind would spend more than $1,000? (not me).
This led me to consider other options, so I phoned a few dog owners to inquire about less expensive alternatives.
Why not give online a shot? That sentiment seems to be shared by everyone. So I did that!

brain training for dogs reviews

Who created this dog training program?


Before buying the program, I researched this trainer’s background, but I didn’t find much.
She is said to be a highly reputable dog trainer since she is a trustworthy source based on the evaluations I did locate for brain training for dogs.
Since Adrienne Farricelli goes by that name and appears in a few commercial magazines, you might be able to find some info about her if you look a little bit more diligently than I did.
Regardless, she has more than ten years of experience and is well-known for the dogs she uses for training. I concluded that purchasing it was a good choice, so I did.

How to expect

After purchasing the dog training program, you are directed to a sales page where you are offered two further offers that I declined. The future? I’m not sure if they’re any good.
The sales page contains much info about what to expect and looks lovely and well-organized.
You will receive an email with links to the online videos and pdf downloads you should start with.
That’s it!
After getting access, I jumped into the part about inappropriate behaviour and excitement.
Some techniques involve rewarding your dog when they become overexcited to help them settle down.
I gave it a go and tested a slight improvement for a few days. But I didn’t notice anything significant until I reached the program’s later stages.
The games that are listed below can also be played. Bella seems to enjoy the ball pit game, which is all I’ve played thus far.
These are the three games you receive:
The “treasure search game” returns your dog to its natural state and removes the “boredom” that underlies many behavioural issues.
Play “The muffin game” with your dog to keep him mentally engaged and safe.
Play “the ball pit game” with your dog to exhaust his energy, making it easier to manage as they have a ton of fun and get lots of exercises.
The ease of use of this program was one feature I particularly appreciated (even for dummies like me).
There shouldn’t be any genuine impediments in what you can try even if you have no prior experience because it is completely beginner-friendly.
School years, such as high school, college, graduation, and so forth, are used to split each module. With each level, the difficulty rises, as to be expected, giving you the training to train more successfully.

The format of the program

I like how each lesson builds on the one before it, letting you keep studying whatever you were learning at the time.
The introduction page for each module contains all the lessons and summarises what to expect inside.
The forward and back arrows are located at the bottom of each page and help make it simple for you to move from one movie to the next.

Is the info inside good?

I was amazed at how easy it was to consume the info. There is a ton of information inside, and these little menu bars will help you navigate the website. The cookbook’s organization is also rather good, with each chapter being split into a specific category of dangerous behaviour.
There isn’t a lot of filler within because most of the information is brief and to the point.
I’ll now discuss what to anticipate in each module.

What’s inside?

The amount of information you get inside won’t disappoint you. Bonus point. To put it mildly, it provides a ton of info!
The only issue is finding the time to get through it all.
Six modules of video (ranging from preschool to elementary school to High School to college to university and graduation)
The seven trick training movies include Take a Bow, Cover His Eyes, Dance, Shake Hands, How, Play Dead, and Rollover.
The fundamentals of obedience training cover subjects like utilizing food to attract and train your dog to accept your orders, the necessary element to get your dog to lie down or move objects, and vital techniques for teaching your dog to stay by your side, come to you and obey all of your cues.
Keep hold of it! There’s more, too…
  • Theory of dog training and techniques
  • Only three techniques of light force.
  • The best dog toys for brain exercise
  • Mind-bending games
  • Fixing problems linked to the course.
  • Videos demonstrating the dog training games


I’ve included some of the course’s advantages and disadvantages below.

Pros and cons


Will I recommend this course?

I recommend this course if you want to work on behavioural issues with your dog or teach them new abilities.
The games are all designed to be mentally challenging and can pretty much all be played at home with a modest outdoor space (for both you and your dog).
The product is reasonably priced and covers all essential components for starting dog training.

My own experience

This has helped my dog, and I become much more closely connected and improved our knowledge of one another and our ability to maintain reasonable standards of home discipline.
Most of the time, Bella has ceased wrecking the house, and my husband is happy (I say that since he’s miserable so and so…).
This takes time, just like everything else, so don’t expect any results immediately.
I must admit that the program has helped me remember things at the right time because I continuously seek new information about my dogs.
It is comparable to donning your thinking cap once more and returning to school.
They are merely my thoughts, though.

Lasting thoughts on Dog Brain Training

After reading our review of brain training for dogs, you should be able to decide with clarity if you want to sign up for this course for you and your dog.
A guy who appears to be a reputable internet dog trainer is teaching the information in great detail.
Comparing this course to others I’ve heard of to evaluate how well each one operates will be entertaining.
Perhaps I’ll compare those items later. The upcoming? I’d want to thank you for reading and wish you well for the time being.