Brain Training For Dogs Review – Does This Training Work? HONEST REVIEW

With the help of the Brain Training for Dogs software, you may use your dog’s “hidden intelligence” to address undesirable behavior. It’s a clever technique for training and socializing a dog that makes use of playfulness and command recall. In this review of Brain Training for Dogs, we’ll look at the methodology and results of the course.

Reviews on dog brain training

Every dog owner eventually became obsessed with domestic dog training. To impress their friends, everyone wants their pet to learn a new trick. Even while the results are delightful, you must keep in mind that the procedure calls for a great deal of knowledge and endurance.


The Brain Training for Dogs program was created by Adrienne Faricelli. She has been a licensed professional dog specialist for eleven years. Adrienne shows in this program how stimulating their dogs’ minds and employing their brains may help dog owners curb unwanted behavior.


You can do this to make playing more of a fulfilling habit. Adrienne claims that the entire process is the result of her ten years working with dogs as a behaviorist, expert, and trainer. She also intends to use this methodology to uncover all canines’ “hidden intelligence.”

This program simply uses positive reinforcement, as recommended by most programs. The training tool, Brain Training for Dogs, is an electronic book, so be aware of it.

This might be a little depressing for dog lovers who would prefer to see actual footage rather than just text. There are some films available for you to watch, though.

This 300+ page book/program has 21 films, an 80 page behavior training guide, and a ton of practical exercises and suggestions.

Adrienne recently overhauled the program and separated it into seven hierarchical sections. It covers Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School, College, University, Graduation, and Einstein. Users of the program should follow the method for the best results.

Advantages and Drawbacks of the Program

Here are a few benefits and drawbacks I personally noted to help you choose whether this program is appropriate for you and your dog:


  • It raises the IQ of your dog.
  • Really sensible
  • A lively, well-organized program
  • Contains guidance on conduct and adherence
  • Contains a substantial training resource
  • A fun time
  • Simple to understand
  • Created by a knowledgeable dog trainer


  • E-book software that can be difficult to grasp
  • Would need the owner to put forth time and effort.
  • After purchasing the book, there was no professional guidance given.
  • Not always the best for all dogs

Like any other program, the Brain Training for Dogs program has its share of advantages and disadvantages. You must decide if such a setup and process will be advantageous to both you and your dog.


  • Training the dog in communication and focus
  • A variety of games to stimulate your dog’s mind
  • A variety of obedience methods
  • A manual for progressive play
  • E-books and videos for training
  • Use food as a reward before quitting
  • Using non-coercive means


If you sign up for the Brain Training for Dogs, you will get access to a huge library of training resources, including a wonderful laddered curriculum.

For just US$47, you may gain access to the entire training program and obtain additional benefits. You can save a lot of money by doing this instead of hiring a dog trainer for several hundred dollars.

You must put in time and effort to see results, just as with other self-help courses. Adrienne and her team are always refining the technique, which is good since it makes it easier for dog owners to implement. I’d like to give them credit for one specific thing in my review of Brain Training for Dogs.

In addition to the Brain Training course material, you will also receive a free course on Behavior Training for Dogs. You can train your dog in obedience this way before enrolling him in the Preschool level of the Brain Training program.

This service has the advantage of a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you’re dissatisfied with the outcomes, get in touch with Adrienne and her staff, and they’ll return your money. Do not enquire. This makes choosing to buy Brain Training for Dogs a very low-risk choice for your pet.


The purpose of this program is to teach your dog the tricks outlined in the book while also instilling in it confidence and trust. By rewarding good behavior and employing positive reinforcement, you may pave the way for teaching your dog other commands.

Be aware that the dog is not the only object of the Brain Training for Dogs. Later on in the training, you’ll learn how to start replacing the food incentive with another motive.

There are several games in each module of this application. When your dog reaches the Einstein level, he or she ought to be able to finish difficult workouts and obedience training.

This program additionally tries to raise your dog’s intelligence and lessen bad behavior. By the end of the program, your dog should be more able to solve issues, more active, and more obedient.

You can also access interesting case studies inside the course and ask Adrienne questions regarding the material. This will serve as your dog’s training guide.

Programming structure

As I just mentioned, the entire curriculum is organized like a school. Your dog moves on to the Einstein level once they graduate from preschool.

To give you an idea, these are the levels and what to expect from each one:


The Preschool level is both the start of the curriculum and the foundation of the overall procedure. It includes target training, which keeps your dog’s attention on you. This will also teach your dog how to open doors, ring bells, and even turn off the lights.

There is also the “Magic Little Way” to engage your dog in conversation and the “Airplane Game” to teach him to pay attention.

The game of airplanes that Adrienne and her dog played went like this:

Elementary School

Once your dog has mastered the Preschool module’s foundational skills, you can now move on to the Elementary school. Here, your dog will pick up command obedience. It will be enjoyable playtime periods with activities like Treasure Hunt, The Muffin Game, and the Ball Pit Game.

All of these keep your dog’s mind occupied while giving him enough exercise. This review of Brain Training for Dogs only serves to emphasize how useful this module is.


It’s time to teach impulse control to your dog when he or she has mastered the three aforementioned games. Your dog can learn to calm down fast after an energetic play session by playing the game Jazz Up and Settle Down. This area includes contains games like the Bottle Game and Bobbing for Treats.

By the end of the module, your dog should be calmer and more capable of controlling his or her reactions.


The complexity of this module section is higher. It will help your dog’s motor abilities and coordination. It will include games like The Magic Carpet, Shell Game, and Open Sesame. Through all of these, your dog will develop the patience, agility, and precision necessary for good conduct.


The primary objective of the university module is to improve what your dog learned in modules 3 and 4. It will ensure that when engaging in various activities, your pet will be in charge, attentive, and patient. Some of the games here are Look at That, Hot and Cold, and Hide and Seek.

All of these will support the treatment of separation anxiety, self-esteem issues, and excessive barking.


The harder exercises in the Graduation module will raise your dog’s IQ. Name recognition, the ability to follow your erratic movements, and sophisticated leg weaving will all be incorporated.

This will enhance your dog’s decision-making, concentration, accuracy, and precision overall. By the end of the session, your dog will benefit from better cognitive ability.


Sounds like a complete genius, doesn’t it? Now that he has learned how to play the piano, your dog can also stack rings and clean up after a game. Your dog should have picked up these skills from older models, who also taught him how to control his desires and obey directions.

I understand how seductive it may be to forgo classes in order to teach your dog the tricks you desire. If you don’t follow Adrienne’s instructions, even if you think your dog is ready for it, you run the danger of halting its growth. Additionally, this program’s structure is deliberate and has a purpose.

Here’s an early look at the modules that you can only get from Adrienne:


Adrienne claims that the Brain Training for Dogs can help your dog with a variety of behavioral problems. The following are included but not limited to:

  • Misses the mark
  • Actively biting and digging
  • Ongoing barking
  • Leash jerking
  • How to train a new puppy
  • Ongoing moaning
  • Jumping up on people and things
  • Separation anxiety
  • Disobedience

Unlike other programs, Adrienne uses games to train your dog to be respectful while simultaneously increasing intellect. This can be difficult and requires a lot of patience. Be warned that each module’s practice will require weeks. Never go on to a new skill or skip one that your dog hasn’t mastered by heart.

In this video, Adrienne helps a dog stop whimpering by using replacement behavior:


It will be useful to understand the program’s guiding principles if you are unfamiliar with Brain Training for Dogs in order to assess whether it will be productive for your dog. Some of the fundamental principles of the lesson have been presented below. Read each one carefully before registering:

Identifying the root of the issue

What I like best about this program is its capacity to treat both the underlying reasons of troublesome behavior as well as its apparent symptoms. Through mental stimulation, the dog will learn how to direct its attention toward something more pleasurable. This explains why other Brain Training for Dogs reviews are generally positive.

The initial goal of the tactic is to draw dogs’ attention away from bad behavior. For instance, in the video above, Adrienne used a tunnel and some treats to get the dog to stop whining. It’s only a simple first step that will grow more complicated as you proceed through the modules.


Does your dog avoid people? Does he run away when someone comes because he is afraid? The Brain Training for Dogs module’s numerous enjoyable activities can help to increase your dog’s self-confidence by providing positive results.

Since they enjoy the training, the dogs will be more outgoing and confident in following instructions. Additionally, you as the owner are affected.

Using this program will teach you how to control your dog’s behavior. Along the way, you’ll learn how to deal with a variety of angry, nervous, and melancholy situations.


The problem with ineffective dog training techniques is that they force the dog to perform an undesirable task. This will just slow down learning and exacerbate behavioral issues. Your dog won’t even be aware that they are being trained by the Brain Training for Dogs program.

By playing entertaining games and rewarding good behavior, you may get your dog to engage in activities and follow your instructions.

You’ll learn to wait patiently for your dog to reply as a result of this. You are aware that no dog training program is a quick fix. It will take effort, patience, and commitment to see results.


I would want to thank Adrienne and her team for developing the progressive modules. All dog owners could now understand the entire training process more easily as a result. The grouping of the steps also prevents any possibility of rushing into more advanced approaches.

The curriculum also starts with the essential development of trust and confidence. This will enable even inexperienced dog owners to start the training process knowing that it is intended to cover all area necessary to raise a well-behaved dog.


Are you thinking of changing how your dog plays? Brain Training for Dogs is a worthwhile investment of every money. It is packed with enjoyable games that your dog will love as well as techniques for instilling restraint and discipline.

The focus on mental stimulation in this strategy makes sense given that all negative behavior starts in the mind. However, using this method, you may simultaneously train and entertain your dog.


Your dog must comprehend how to comply with your commands. You can control their behavior in this way by giving them verbal cues to follow.

Along with teaching your dog a range of commands, the Brain Training for Dogs will enhance your bond with it. This is important because your dogs won’t understand that you are the Alpha until you expressly show them.

Additionally, obedience training is crucial since it helps prevent the early signs of unruly behavior. It will also safeguard your dog from harm.


Dogs and children are alike. If they don’t enjoy something, they won’t do it. Therefore, tedious exercises and monotonous practices are prohibited.

The Brain Training for Dogs accurately corrects this when you upgrade to a premium subscription. The activities and mental workout exercises in each module will help your dog learn new information.

Such an event would add excitement to every training session. You’ll also consider the training to have been beneficial because it includes playing and building a relationship with your dog.



There are a lot of enthusiastic user reviews for Brain Training for Dogs online. Furthermore, who wouldn’t? The program is reasonably priced, easy to understand, and well-structured. Yes, it requires a lot of time and effort. However, this is how all at-home dog training techniques work.

Dr. J. Coates, a veterinarian with Pet MD, makes a recommendation on Adrienne’s website, and dog authority Caryl Wolff also gives her high praise.

This passage is a trust-builder and a confidence-booster for me. I can state that most dogs will gain from this because Brain Training for Dogs has received favorable recommendations from dog specialists.


Regarding this portion, I do have some reservations. In contrast to Doggy Dan’s approach, I think Brain Training for Dogs will work best with dogs who have already been trained in obedience. Since the first actions in the modules require a fundamental understanding of command execution, I made this claim.

Adrienne’s approach, despite being primarily designed for academic purposes, solely emphasizes compliance rather than teaching it in its totality.

If your dog is too aggressive to follow instructions, it would be better to start with the fundamentals of obedience training. You don’t have to employ a trainer. Online users have free access to instruction manuals that will decrease disobedience.

Another subject that Adrienne underplayed in her book is socialization. It is crucial to do this in order to raise a social and well-rounded dog. Don’t forget to socialize your pet with other canines and humans while also teaching them new skills.

Is this the finest, then? Yes and no, depending on your dog’s current situation.


It is straightforward to assess if the training is successful or not if a dog exhibits undesirable behavior. I suggest that you observe your dog’s behavior before starting the training. To get a more accurate comparison, you can record your pet.

Does your dog chew objects firmly? The dog ought to behave better once you finish the module. If not, you should still consider the possibility that you might have missed a module.

I can say that the differences are obvious at first glance. The key is to keep an eye on your dog and assess any changes.


No dog training program is perfect. Even those produced by renowned dog specialists will contain a few minor flaws. I believe this is the case because each dog is different from the others. Every trigger that a dog encounters will cause it to behave differently.

One of my criticisms about the Brain Training for Dogs is that Adrienne focused more on the written lessons. Videos are available, however not enough of them exist to cover everything. But if you have the perseverance to study and examine these modules, I think they might be incredibly helpful.

The video’s audio isn’t as good as it could be. Adrienne’s remarks may be heard, but the tape sounds like it was made in a room with an old phone. I am confident that Adrienne and her team are acting, though.

Another aspect is that I’d really like to see a thriving community of dog owners where they can communicate and exchange advice. Anyway, I want to thank Adrienne for using her email and trying to respond to each message.

The program is fantastic, unique, and successful overall. However, it might still require some improvements.


Would I then buy my dog this software? Definitely!

Imagining getting ten years’ worth of training materials for just $47! This is a full giveaway, especially for dog owners who lack the cash for a dog trainer.

For your information, engaging a professional dog trainer can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 PER HOUR, however Adrienne’s approach only needs a small investment of money along with your time and effort to be successful.

A force-free, fun, imaginative, and progressive program is all you can ask for. You must however get ready because this will take a lot of patience.