Brain Training For Dogs – The Airplane Game Exam Demonstration

Your thoughts turn to training your dog as soon as you obtain one. It makes sense to want a polite dog that listens to you and doesn’t eliminate everywhere.

Unfortunately, training a dog can be difficult. especially if you lack any previous experience. People commonly use the internet to find dog training information and resources, such as Smiling Staffy. Naturally, I enjoy the quantity of information that is available online (we have an entire site dedicated to helping staffy owners solve problems and look after their dogs).

However, searching online is usually preferred when you have a specific query or worry about your dog. Finding a dependable program with sequential stages for general training that will allow you to raise your dog as a well-behaved, intelligent member of the family can be difficult.

This is where specialist internet training courses come in, and my current favorite is Brain Training 4 Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli. This course is designed to take your dog from the very beginning and training foundations all the way up to incredibly complicated abilities like playing the piano (yes, this is truly covered in the course).

If you’ve never heard of Adrienne’s course or if you simply want to learn more about it, this post is for you. You will get a comprehensive evaluation of the course from a real buyer and owner. You will be able to determine if it is the right kind of education for you before investing your hard-earned money.

Dog Brain Training: What Is It?

Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli is a cutting-edge online dog training program that seeks to boost your dog’s intelligence so that they can become smarter and more obedient.

The main concept of the program is the use of force-free training methods, which I think are great and am sure you will too. These methods typically take the form of games that you play with your dog to highlight specific training principles and goals.

One of these games is Adrienne’s “Airplane Game,” which you may use to control your dog’s attention. Watch the following video to see how this game works:

These games are a part of the brain training for dogs program and are listed in descending order of difficulty. This makes it easy to follow along and gives you a means to keep track of how your dog is doing.

In relation to the teacher

Adrienne Farricelli has been a certified dog trainer and behaviorist working with dogs since 2006.

Adrienne has worked at a local animal hospital and shelter, and she now holds two certifications in dog training.

Before receiving her qualification from the Italian Society for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants, she finished an apprenticeship with a master trainer.

It’s safe to say that Adrienne is an expert dog trainer, and her techniques, which involve employing no force and rewarding good behavior, are certainly preferable to archaic ones like dominance and punishment.



In the US, she subsequently obtained CPDT-KA certification. This is an acronym for “certified pet dog trainer-knowledge assessed,” a highly regarded credential with demanding qualifications to earn it. Because Adrienne also needs to continue learning to maintain her CPDT-KA certification by enrolling in a range of different courses, you can be confident that Adrienne’s knowledge is up-to-date and it will be evident during her brain training for dogs course.

Her abilities and endeavors have also been featured in several international media and events, such as “USA Today,” “Daily Puppy,” and “Nest Pets.”

Adrienne is a superb writer as well. Her writing has appeared in “Every Dog Magazine” and “The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.”

What is Covered by the Dog Brain Training Program?

After you’ve paid for the course, you’ll get immediate access to the Brain Training 4 Dogs member’s area, which serves as a dashboard where you can access all of the materials included in your purchase.

When I first opened the member’s area, the amount of content therein pleasantly surprised me. In addition to the standard brain training program, there are a number of extras available.

The following is what each student in the course receives:

Brain-trained canines

This one won’t surprise you because it’s the main course and is probably where your journey starts.

Dog Behavior Training Online

Your course membership also includes exclusive access to a second, bonus course. It was a great little surprise for me because I was unaware that this was a clause of the contract.

Five very specific and common canine behavior concerns are the topic of the three-module behavior training for dogs course:

  • Whining
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Jumping

Even while the main course will reinforce positive behaviors to address these problems, if your dog displays any of these specific difficulties, this short course is helpful for tackling them head-on.

Resources Section

This part contains all the information you require to complete the courses. All downloaded files and product recommendations needed for both courses are available on this website. It’s helpful to have all of this information in one place.

Database for Adrienne

You can find more than 100 articles written by Adrienne on dog training right here. You can use these as extra learning materials as you gain knowledge on how to effectively train and raise your dog.

Even more of an unexpected bonus is included in this package, but I won’t tell you about it until after I’ve already delivered it to you. A video collection that is available to you contains additional behavior and training videos in addition to some amusing trick videos.

Over-the-Shoulder Case Studies

I had never seen an online dog trainer do this before, and I thought it was a really fantastic addition to the training. Here are over-the-shoulder videos of dogs that Adrienne personally trained. As she works with the dogs to address their distinct behavioral concerns, you get to see every step she takes.

Only Members Forum

You should post any queries or worries on the topic regarding your dog’s behavior. In general, the neighborhood and even Adrienne herself will answer your question. Adrienne is very active on the forum and genuinely responds to a lot of queries there.

I’ll be the first to confess that some of the films require updating and re-editing because they sometimes seem a little stale. But each one works well, and the data is of the finest quality.


Within the Brain Training for Dogs closed topic

As you can see, there is a lot of content covered in this course. There is more than enough knowledge available to train your dog to be an obedient angel if you are persistent.

Course Format for Brain Training for Dogs

The course was recently revamped, and it now features video modules and a more easier layout. Because some of the lessons in the past were purely written, the inclusion of video is really appreciated.

Because it is laid out in a step-by-step manner, the course is very simple to navigate and you can start up where you left off at any time.

There are a total of 5 course modules to finish:

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Instruction in Basic Obedience

Module 3: Improving Education

Training Your Mind, Module 4 (the main course)

Concluding Phrases in Module 5

A Closer Look at Dog Brain Training

As I previously stated, the course’s main component is the brain training in module 4. This page contains the majority of the information and classes for dog training.

To make it simple to track your progress, the main course is divided into sections that are labeled with the difficulty level of each one in a school-style pattern. At the end of each chapter, there is a graded challenge where you can assess how well your dog performed using the techniques you have been learning together.


Grading Scales

When your dog is prepared to move on to the next level or whether they might need a little extra attention and practice, the grading system makes it very clear.

The suggested strategies for finishing this course are to follow the step-by-step format and to complete each module and portion in order. It is quite simple to understand as a result. The course was created by a professional, therefore it makes sense to follow the intended order of events.


Inside the Brain training 4 Dogs Course Dashboard

Grade 1: Kindergarten

The basics are the focus of this section, as its name suggests. You’ll learn about how the brain functions and how to respond quickly to commands, and your dog will too. We can all relate to the frustration of having a dog ignore us, thus this level is helpful.

The primary goal of preschool training is to catch your dog’s attention, which is crucial if you want to go on to later, more challenging lessons. Here are some illustrations of the activities and lessons offered at this grade level.

  • Get the slob to “Target Train” his gaze to you. Start off by telling your dog to focus on your hand, a stick, or a ball. The target can then be delayed by making him open the door or ring the bells.
  • The necessary “Eye Contact” for clear communication and a stronger bond with your dog. This will help him keep up his wonderful manners and grow into a good boy or girl.
  • The simple-to-play “Airplane Game,” which will captivate your dog’s attention and cause them to look directly into your eyes.

Kindergarten Level II


Here are some examples of the module pages. Your lesson videos can be found here.

After completing the first level, it’s critical for your dog to learn to comply with your commands and advance in training.

At the elementary level, a few games that your dog will like and find incredibly fascinating are introduced. Of course, they will be learning to listen to instructions as they play these mini-games.

  • If you teach your lazy dog a rewarding game like “Treasure Hunt,” he or she will become more active and find routines more interesting.
  • The simple “Muffin Game” will put his mental skills to the test and give him the drive to succeed.
  • The upbeat “Ball Pit Game,” which will encourage him to work hard by stimulating his mind.

Grade 12, Level III

Congratulations! At this stage, your dog will be prepared to learn about patience and constraint. This will help him control his excitement and keep his cool in some of the more thrilling daily situations.

Here are a few examples of such games that promote relaxing behavior and are included in the course’s level.

  • Jazz Up & Settle Down, a game that fosters relationships and teaches your dog manners, might assist you in controlling their behavior. So as you go into the room, stop bouncing about frantically.
  • With the interactive “Bottle Game,” your dog could receive some exercise while staying busy and interested for a long time.
  • Since he or she will be rewarded for following your instructions, “bobbing for treats” will motivate your dog to behave well.

University-level Level IV

By this time, your dog will have made significant progress and be prepared to go on to tougher training sessions where their motor skills will be improved so they can respond logically to commands.

Games that might hone your dog’s brain and help him or her remain calm under pressure are included in the college module.

  • In the “Shell Game,” players exercise their minds by using the dog’s excellent sense of smell. This adorable little game works wonders to keep your dog entertained and thinking.
  • Playing the “Open Sesame Game” will help your dog remain calm when someone enters your house through a door.
  • Once more, the “Magic Carpet Game” will help with clarity and composure during potentially thrilling situations.

College, Level V

The senior level of training for your dog is now reached. It is appropriate to start teaching them all about emotions and impulse control at this point because they will already be quite composed and obedient.

By playing the games that follow, this level will help train your dog to be more confident and able to resist temptation.

  • Playing “Hide and Seek” with your dog is fun for both of you. It improves your bond and is very helpful for dogs who have issues when left alone.
  • The “The Look” game is designed to stop your dog from barking, especially while he is looking out the window, at people or other animals.
  • The entertaining “Hot & Cold Game” will cheer up your dog and help them learn more effectively.

Level VI graduation

As you’ve probably realized by now, this is one of the training program’s more complex phases. The graduation level is all about developing sophisticated motor skills and having the mental capacity to easily understand instructions.

Here is an example of the type of instructional games available at this grade level:

  • Leg Weaving Techniques: A fun method to impress your friends and train your dog to follow increasingly challenging commands!
  • In the video game “Serpentines and Spiral,” you may train your dog to always be by your side, even if you move in erratic and unpredictable ways.
  • The highly fascinating “Name Recognition” technique teaches your dog to recognize objects by name. As they get older, he or she will choose toys and bring them to you by name.

Level VII: Einstein

Finally, your dog has reached the pinnacle of genius and is able to charm any human they want with ease.

  • Teach your dog to keep their living space tidy even after playing for hours by using the “Tidy up Game.” There is a valuable lesson to be learned.
  • Your dog’s patience will be put to the test once more in the “Ring Stacker” game, which also gives them exercise in exercising better control.
  • This one seems a little unbelievable, but they say it can be done, “Pianist, please.” Despite the fact that I haven’t yet succeeded in getting my dog to this level, many others have, and they convince me that it is unquestionably possible.

There is a ton of information in the brain training for dogs course. And that’s without any of the earlier-mentioned extra advantages.

I suggest completing the brain training course precisely as it is presented before using the supplementary behavior training course to address any additional specific problems that your dog may experience.

The Benefits of Brain Training for Dogs


  • Extremely High Content Value for the Price Paid
  • A fair one-time fee
  • Experienced and well knowledgeable instructor
  • A secure, non-coercive approach
  • Understanding is made simple by the use of videos and thorough descriptions of the classes and activities.
  • It’s a fantastic method to strengthen your relationship with and train your dog!


  • A few of the videos seem a touch stale and out of date.
  • Due to the lack of a definite educational goal, I thought several of the activities were a little meaningless.
  • Some of the classes needed materials that I didn’t have on hand. a kiddie pool, as an illustration.

Final Verdict:

Overall, I believe that this approach to training a dog is excellent since it promotes play and entertaining rewards, which is a lot of fun. Because the games are unique and some of them are rather imaginative, it’s perfect for keeping you and your dog interested in the software.

I’ve said it before, but the course has a ton of helpful content that is simple to learn. As long as you are willing to put in the required time and continuous effort, it will help you train your dog.

In light of the aforementioned, I unequivocally advise giving it a try. You really have nothing to lose with a one-time payment of less than £50 and a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee.