Busting The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths

Busting The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths

On the internet, you get to read all sorts of contrasting views with the majority of it being balderdash. In this piece, we hope to straighten out the facts and correct the misinterpreted subjects one after the other.

1. Each home has only one Pack Leader

If trained in the right way, it is possible for dogs to respect every human in the house and view them as Pack Leaders. You probably prefer your dog to have regard for all the people at home and obey their commands regardless of who is at home or not. It is not true that a dog can only have one master. The truth is that a dog will always love gentle people and those who are are intelligent more than those who are not.

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2. Dog Training is Time-Consuming

This is a false statement. Those who are good at what they do will find dog training very simple. It not necessary to attend long classes on dog obedience or form circles in the rain because times have changed. Doing things like that is entirely unnecessary and time wasting exercise for a lot of dogs.Do you find yourself struggling with your dog even after engaging in things like obedience classes? Know that you need to go back to the basics. As typical pets, dogs like to exercise and walk for a minimum of once daily. However, a dog that is happy will always sleep for long hours.

What do you do? Read on!

3. It is quite expensive to get High-Quality Dog Training

There is a website which features some of the finest dog training programs, and it is available at a very affordable price.It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people end up paying huge amounts of money in exchange for the wrong advice. The reason is their inability to locate a suitable training center or website. Numerous people have coughed out thousands for the pre-puppy & puppy classes as well as agility, behavioral analyst, and obedience classes and yet, still have problems with their dog. It is because they are yet to encounter top notch dog training.

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4. It is essential to attend Puppy School

The belief that puppy school is capable is wrong. Investing in Puppy schools may not be an excellent idea. Lots of dog owners are too eager to take their new puppies to the next available local class which has very little to offer them even after a long time. After about a month, dog owners typically assume that their dogs have been ‘promoted’ from puppy class, but the reality is that they have learned little. All they learn are things like ‘sit’ command and how to play with other puppies. The sad thing is that they hardly teach them the essential parts of the training, so, it is wiser to gain necessary knowledge instead.

5. The Use of Food Treats is Unacceptable

When you use food treats in the proper way and during the right situation, you are of getting a solid training method. Doggy Dan has an excellent understanding of the right way to use food treats. To show this, Dan illustrated it all through his dog training video. He showcased the situations in which he applied them in about 250 videos, and he also demonstrated how efficient they are. In Dan’s program, you will also master how to phase out food treats with time.

6. The only way to Train a Dog is via Positive fortification

While we admit that positive reinforcement is good, we also have to state that it is not the full solution. There are times when you would have to halt any unaccepted behavior. Also, it is crucial for you to learn how to earn the respect of dogs in an affectionate & calm manner. You do not have to scream at your dog, neither do you have to harm her. All you have to do is compensate them for every great action. It can be compared with how you train a little child. You hail him/her when he does well and quickly interfere when necessary to halt the unwanted actions through the use of timeout or what will discourage the child from repeating the action.

Although positive training like food treats can be useful in dog training, using it the wrong way can lead to more issues than solutions.

7. All you need is Practice and Hard work

In every situation, there is a right solution and the wrong solution. Getting things done through the wrong route will never be effective. Try the right solution, and the outcome will be instant and positive. You do not have to spend lots of hours training your dog or working too hard. Dogs are quite smart, and they will respond if you act like the Pack Leader and know how to get messages across to them. Do you want to be a super dog trainer? Do it the smart way NOT the hard way.

8. It is impossible to teach an Old Dog, New Tricks

A dog can change at any age, but it’s better to prevent something than to look for its cure later on. In other words, it is better to train a dog from the very beginning. You may not know, but there are lots of old dogs eager to learn a new technique from you. They will prefer you to show them as early as possible.

9. The majority of Stubborn Dogs are Stupid

Nothing can be further from the truth. Most ‘trouble-causing’ dogs are quite brilliant even more than the average dog. In most cases, our biggest frustration is caused by the smartest and most resilient dogs. Thus, it is important for us to up our game and know more about how these amazing creatures think and behave.

10. It is easier to Train Smaller Dogs than the Big Dogs.

Size is not a major factor as some big dogs are quite gentle and easy to train while there are stubborn smaller dogs around also. Like in humans, it is not wise to judge people by their size.

If you feel like you are missing something important or your dogs do not listen to you, help is here!

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