Can you teach your dog to pee on command?

Some dogs can be trained to pee on command, but most dogs have a natural urge to mark their territory that makes this a difficult task. This article provides some tips that may help you teach your dog to pee on command.

Here’s how you can teach your puppy how to potty on command. The first step is bringing the puppy outside on a leash. Even if you have a backyard, it’s really important that you bring the puppy out leashed. This will help you keep the puppy focus and and away from distraction.

Once you’re outside, give your dog potty command. For example, mine is potty potty. To start, give your puppy three minutes to do its business. If it doesn’t go potty, bring it back inside and it’s crate and try again in 15 minutes.

Once your puppy successfully patties within the three minute time frame, throw them a huge potty party. They get their favorite treats, maybe their favorite toy, and all of the love and affection you can give them.

As you’re getting more success within the three minute timeline window, shorten it to two minutes, then a minute, and then 30 seconds. By doing this, you’ll eventually get a puppy. When you say potty potty, it will pee anything in its bladder right then and there. It’s super helpful for people who live in a city.

Can you teach your dog to pee on command? This guide has the answer.