Dog aggression and Training your Children

dog aggression training children

The aggression: everybody loves his or her pets. However, they love their children more than the pets. If pet misbehaves, things can go ugly. Sometimes owners decide to throw the pet out. Sometimes they give it to others. The dog is famous for such behaviors. The unusual aggression may hurt your child. It is important for the master to consider few things.

1. Do not leave your child and dog alone.

It is always better not to leave your kid alone with a dog. Especially if the child is very young and if you have adopted the dog recently. We have seen many such cases of dog attacks. At times even the slightest of aggression may cause big damage. The parent must look after them both.

2. Choose the right breed

Few breeds of dogs are available for adoption, which is very aggressive. It is very important for the family to note this point. Do your research and then adopt the dog. Your decision should be towards the safety of your kid. You need to consider different factors, which can affect the dog before adopting it. It is better to go for very less aggressive breeds.

3. Stray dogs or street dogs.

News of dog attacking kid is very common. They even attack adults. It is better to train your child to face such problems. It may involve finding a dog free path. So that kids can easily come and go. You should teach your kid about the behavior of aggressive dogs. Teach not to throw stones at them.

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4. Training of dogs

It is very important to understand the dog. The behavior, its food, degree of irritation and level of aggression while playing. After understanding, train the dogs with few commands. The command includes sit, up, leave, run, silent, etc. By this, you can control it even if it gets aggressive. Train the dog to stay away from the baby or its room.

5. Dog free and child free zone

Make sure that you have enough room for the dog to move from one point to another. Create a doghouse outside of your house. It will help you to keep the dog away from your kid. Similarly, thechild should have a playroom away from the dog.

6. Dog neutralizers.

If your dog gets out of control, you have to control it. One of the ways is tying it to a pole. The other one is spray or neutralizer. Many pet stores sell these products. However, be careful and check whether it has any significance. It should be compatible with the dog breed.

Conclusion: behavior of animals changes time to time. If you are not a vet then it is difficult to predict the behavior. So better safe than sorry. Create such a climate where both dog and baby are safe. Few people use collar belts to control the dog. It is better to have everything in your arsenal than nothing is. Training will certainly help.