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Puppy Aggression Towards Owner: What’s The Deal With My Dog’s Suddenly Aggressive Behavior Toward Me?


It’s scary and heartbreaking when Fido, who was once friendly, suddenly snaps or growls at you. In fact, owner-directed aggression is the most emotionally difficult issue that pet owners face out of all the canine-behavior cases I see. But don’t panic: there are things you can do to help your dog overcome his sudden aggression. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know, including not only some of the possible reasons but also what you should […]

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Dog Aggression Towards People: Aggression Toward Individuals (Dogs)


Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive? Aggression is the most serious behavioral problem that dogs have, and it is unfortunately very common. It’s a symptom of a deeper issue that should always be taken seriously. Aggressive behavior can occur in dogs of any breed, size, age, or gender, and it can be motivated by a variety of factors. Among the most common are: Fear/defense Pain/discomfort Possessiveness Territoriality Redirected How Aggression Appears A rigid, still body Stiff, high tail […]

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