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How To Stop A Dog From Choking: The Most Effective Way to Save the Life of Your Choking Dog


How to stop a Choking Dog If your dog is choking and you need to save his life, you won’t have time to look up the name of the nearest emergency veterinarian in the phone book. How to Help a Choking Dog Roll the fleshy part of your dog’s muzzle over his canine teeth as you open his mouth. If the dog bites down, he will put pressure on his own skin, making it unlikely that he […]

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Best Medicated Dog Shampoo for Skin Allergies: Soothing Spot’s Skin with the Best Medicated Dog Shampoo


Throughout their lives, dogs can develop a variety of irritating skin conditions, ranging from allergies to bacterial skin infections. While some of the symptoms of Spot’s skin condition can’t always be avoided, a medicated dog shampoo can help treat some of them. We’ll go over which health conditions may necessitate the use of a medicated shampoo, what types of medicated shampoos are available, and which ones are the best! Quick Picks for the Best Medicated Dog Shampoo […]

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Can A Dog Be Too Old To Be Neutered: Consider the Benefits and Side Effects of Neutering an older dog.


Getting your pet spayed or neutered is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make, whether you’ve just brought one home or are thinking about it. Female dogs’ ovaries and male dogs’ testicles are removed, which not only improves their behavior but also keeps them close to home. Many people wonder if getting their older dogs neutered is still possible. The procedure is most commonly performed when the pet is young, but it is […]

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Can A Dog Be Too Old To Neuter: When is it too late to neuter a dog? – Spaying and Neutering Information


You probably never expected to have “the talk” as a dog parent, did you? As dog owners, we are responsible for feeding and caring for another living animal, and part of that responsibility includes having your dog spayed or neutered or breeding responsibly. I am the proud dog mom of two dogs: Lola, a Yorkshire terrier, and Ruger, a Weimaraner. Ruger came from a shelter, and most shelters spay or neuter all animals before giving them up […]

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5 of the Most Common Causes of a Dog’s Panting

5 of the Most Common Causes of a Dog's Panting

Although it may appear that your dog is panting for no apparent reason, panting is a common dog behavior that has a reason. Understanding why your dog is panting excessively or at night will require you to consider what else is going on with your dog at the time. Are they worried? Hot? Dehydrated? Discover the most common causes of a dog panting so you can respond appropriately. What Causes Dogs to Pant? Moderate to rapid open-mouthed […]

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