Dog Obedience Training: Be the Boss


Dogs are naturally packed animals. This means the owner must act alpha, and dogs need an alpha to guide them in everyday activities. Only then will the dog recognize you as the alpha dog, and training will proceed as intended. Different activities can establish and maintain dominance over your dog because each dog’s level of submissiveness varies. Don’t worry; most dogs enjoy serving their owners. Remember to show who’s boss is when something tries to challenge you and sometimes nod your head in agreement when someone shows signs of giving up.

Dog training is divided into two phases: the first tackle behavioral problems and the second creates a command-response pattern. The latter sort is referred to as “obedience training.” But both need a powerful alpha, which is the same for both.

When it is not, adolescent behavior is sometimes misunderstood as “dominance.” Puppies and young dogs behave similarly to a human child testing her parents. She is attempting to identify the boundaries rather than genuinely challenging her parents in the leadership role in the funny game “Challenge Me.” In other words, the trainer must correct them firmly while being non-aggressive.

For the toddler example, the worst that can happen is a caustic remark or a light paddling. The dog should not mistrust you; otherwise, there may be some “rebellion.” The child wouldn’t be picked up, yelled at for the wrongdoing, and held against the wall. In general, dogs don’t become adults until they are 2 or 3 years old (in human terms, they are still in the angsty teenage years). Simply put, don’t combine mental and physical maturation.

In this way, never associate being punished with being the alpha. According to Cindy Moore, author of Behavior: Modifying and Understanding, an alpha is fair. A true alpha earns its position as a leader by being honest. They do not gain or maintain power through threats, punishment, or physical force. It instead makes it crystal clear which behavior is acceptable and which is not. An alpha leader expects followers to follow in their footsteps rather than force them to do anything. In other words, to be a competent leader, the owner or trainer must be calm, focused, and sensible.

Just like any other training technique, praising your pet for good behavior will help it behave better. Whenever there is documentation of submission, indicate approval. This strengthens your status as the top alpha. Praise your dog when his eyes are the first to droop. Reward him when he licks your chin. As Cindy suggested, please give it a vigorous belly rub when it rolls over onto its back. It might sound corny, but it works. Therefore it is trite. To put it simply, all you require is a little love.

To be an alpha at your best, you must be fair and consistent in your corrections. Your pet needs to see that it can trust your instructions. It would help if you never corrected your dog after the fact because dogs don’t have associative memories as people do.

Socializing with your puppy is a great idea to earn its trust.