Dog training tips and tricks and what not to do when training your dog

dog training tips tricks

There are some vital keys to the training of dogs regardless of if the training is about making your dog to respond when you call him, ask him to sit or cease barking. Being familiar with the importance of these tips would greatly enhance getting long term results and foster your bond with the dog.

Number one key is to capture the mind of your dog. Failure to win over his mind would lead to struggles on your part. Doing this involves making your dog rely on you to make all the decisions. Begin by having a look at the exciting video website which introduces the five unique rules to making you the pack leader.

Failure to carry these things out may be laying the foundation for failure. You may find yourself in a situation where your dog would not listen to you at a crucial stage and proceed to do things they feel like. Although your dog may be obedient at times or almost all the time in some cases, you need to fully capture the mind of your dog to make your dog to be obedient every time.

Number two clue is about motivation of your dog. You have to carry out the essential task of identifying what types of exercise, reward or play excite your dog. When you make your dog to have an exciting experience, you will likely achieve better results and increased eagerness to attend training.

There are dogs who prefer to fetch, some fancy agility while others cherish obedience training or retrieving by swimming into water. Begin by discovering what your dog loves and work with them to develop it. You should also try to spice up training by rewarding your dog.

There are three major types of rewards which are: 

1. Food which includes any item from one dry biscuit to a full sausage.

2. Affection like pats, great verbal praises and cuddles.

3. Games/Toys like running after your dog or throwing an object such as stick.

Dogs respond well to fair training. If you can’t use food, make proper use of affection in cases where your dog has impressed you.

You need to abide by the following rules if you choose to employ food rewards:

– Introduce varieties in food rewards.

– You should not to give food rewards everyday.

– Make sure your dog has no clue about what the food reward is.

– Refuse to give your dog any reward if he doesn’t respond the first time.

– Practice: Try to know how to develop a behavior which is more similar to what you desire than the last..This further emphasizes the importance of rewards. Provide motivation to your dog and demonstrate what you want and negative training will be totally unnecessary.

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