Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Review – Legit Or A Scam?


Doggy Dan, The Online Trainer for Dog Training: Dog training can take a long time.

It usually takes 12 weeks to enroll your dog in a local training program. Many people don’t have enough time or energy to drive home from work and take their dogs to the classes.

An online course in dog training may be for you if you are like me. I searched the internet for Doggy Dan Online Dog Training, and this was the top result.

It was very well received and received many positive reviews. But Doggy Dan’s “alpha training” philosophy was not well received by many reviewers.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Training was purchased by me, and I have analyzed it using my own research. I even reached out to their customer service to clarify my doubts.

In this review, I will share their answers and the results of my analysis.


Doggy Dan’s online dog training: What’s the deal?

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Training Program covers everything you need for your dog to be a good citizen, including toilet training and aggression towards people and other dogs.

You can download it as an ebook or an audiobook, and you can also watch videos from your phone. This course is perfect for people with limited time. To improve your knowledge, you can make use of any time you have during your commute or while waiting in line at the supermarket.


Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules of Dog Training, which are based on the idea that a wolf pack is essential to dog training, are constantly referenced in the program. It is also known as “alpha training” and “dog whispering.”

Dan uses verbal commands, not shock collars, for his training. This is a more modern approach to training than many other programs that use the carrot-and-stick method.

You will be directed to the section about how to be the pack leader in your dog’s daily life when you log into the member’s area.

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Doggy Dan training philosophy

First, I’d like to say that Doggy Dan Online Dog Training has been fully approved by the Royal New Zealand SPCA, which is the oldest animal welfare organization in the country.

You must be the pack leader in order to use the alpha training. The “pack leader” is the person the dogs respect.

Pack training is a way to remind your dog that they are the highest-ranking members of the pack.

doggy dan online dog trainer review

It is important not to force them but to teach them and make them feel loved and cared for. They long for love and care, and the master’s attention will help them realize that.

Training your dog efficiently is possible only when they understand this concept.

Doggy Dan can be described as a balanced trainer. This training combines correctional-style training with positive, no-force methods.

The 5 Golden Rules

These are the five golden rules that form the foundation of Alpha Training. These are the rules you must follow to keep your position as the “pack leader.”

The terms and conditions may restrict my ability to reveal any details. Here are some details about the rules and their importance:

1. Body language: This is the solution to hyperactivity, aggression, jumping (on people and furniture too), anxiety, not responding, and so on. This mainly consists of reward and command training, and it is extremely useful for older dogs.

2. No-force technique This clearly states that your furry friend should not be forced to do anything. While you must maintain control, force should not be used in order to assert your alpha male nature. Dogs are intelligent and know who is in charge.

3. Puppy Training: This part of the eight-week-old puppy training process is known as “Project Moses.” All of it has been recorded for us to learn from. These videos cover everything, from potty training to leash training to the ultimate move from a cage to a bed.

4. Eating: This specifies that you must have your meal first and then let your friend observe you. You will make sure they respect your packing order. The highest-positioned wolves eat first, followed by the rest.

5. Understand—Make an effort to comprehend what your friend is saying.Dog parents are no different from parents. Treat them as if they were your child, and all will be well.

Is alpha training dangerous?

Some of you may have noticed that I came across the question of whether “alpha training” is a myth. Some people thought it was dangerous.

I did my research and found the source to be the most sensible. It also comes from a reliable source.

“This research was based on a flawed premise. According to L. David Mech, founder of the Minnesota-based International Wolf Center, wolves in the wild actually live in nuclear families. The mother and father are the pack leaders, and the status of their offspring is determined based on their birth order. Mech used to believe in the alpha-wolf theory but has changed his mind in recent years. The pack hierarchy doesn’t involve anyone fighting for the top, as the children naturally follow their parents’ example, just like in a human family.

For the complete article, click here

Don’t waste your time reading the lengthy explanation. Just take a look at the section I highlighted.

I also emailed Doggy Dan Customer Support to clarify, as I was certain they were aware of the issue. It turned out that Doggy Dan replied to me.

Hi there,

This is the analogy between parents and children. HTML4 is the best way to explain my views on the leadership role dogs require.

My wife and I have the responsibility to look after my children, protect them, look after them, love them, and help them navigate their lives. Sometimes this means directing, redirecting, guiding, and showing my children what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Sometimes bad behavior requires a consequence, like a timeout. Other times, I use positive reinforcement and rewards to encourage good behavior. My dogs are also protected from any aggression.

My wife and I decide what happens to my children and dogs. However, my children are constantly pushing the limits, and so is my dog! My wife and I must set the rules for my children and dogs. Otherwise, chaos would reign.

Two young children and four dogs share a home with a cat, some chickens, and a few other animals. As a parent, I understand the importance of being the one who ultimately controls the situation. My dogs and kids are the same. I have a lot of love for them and don’t use force. Just like my children, dogs are constantly trying to get what they want. Dogs are no different!

When working with children or dogs, you must be the leader, parent, guardian, or decision-maker. Training with food and treats alone is not sufficient in most cases. The method I recommend is to train your dog to listen to you.

I think the best way to describe the style of dog training is to first explain the two most popular methods and then point out the differences.

This is the most basic method of training. This is where you make the dog do what you want. This is a win-at-all-costs approach often called “Yank and Crank.” If they don’t obey, you force them to obey. You may hear a yank, but sometimes it is a yank. It is not a pleasant approach, and most owners and dogs have gotten rid of it.

This second method basically involves using treats. This is a very common method nowadays, but it is essentially bribery. A “clicker” can also be used, but it is still bribery using food. It is always doomed to fail in the long run.

How is my method different? My method is based on getting your dog to choose to obey you. It is based upon understanding your dog’s mind, using actions that they understand to win their trust, and then training them. It doesn’t require fear, aggression, or force. This method is faster than many others. It is also quicker than spending hours training your dog, as they will follow you.

It is gentle, calm, and powerful. This is why I call it the Easy Way to an Obedient Dog.

We hope that this helps.

Cheers, Doggy Dan!

Both sources show that they agree on one thing: to train your dog as you would your child.

We can see that Doggy Dan’s methods, while similar to the “dangerous Alpha training” philosophy, are not the source of the controversy.


What are the benefits of Doggy Dan training?

More than 250 videos are available (with more added daily). These videos have been divided into six full courses:


This is the beginning of your dog-training journey. To be able to calmly and effectively communicate with your dog in all situations is the first step to teaching them anything.


This is the best part. This book contains all you need to teach your dog good behavior and tricks. Celebrities and high-paying clients pay Doggy Dan a lot to train their dogs with these methods. It’s available here at a lower price.

  1. A Perfect Puppy Program

A whole section is dedicated to puppy training. This section is for those who are new to puppy training.

This book covers everything you need to learn about how to train a puppy, from the basics to dealing with odd behavior to advanced command training.

This section must be completed before you can proceed to the next section, “Project Moses.”


Doggy Dan’s puppy, Moses, is a video diary. An 8-week-old puppy is brought to his new home by his 8-month-old mother.

Follow his journey by reading Doggy Dan’s basic obedience documentation.

Project Moses is a great resource for anyone getting a puppy.


Dog owners often struggle with adult dog behavior issues. This is usually due to poor training as puppies.

This is especially true for people who adopt adult dogs from shelters. These behaviors can be corrected.

This section offers quick solutions to dog behavioral issues. These range from the most common to more serious problems like fears and phobias.

Doggy Dan offers lots of science-based advice and training methods.

  1. Dan’s Dog Training 101

This section is for advanced training. It’s where you can really get to know your dog and make him a great pet.




This forum is a great addition to the program. The forum is active, with members asking questions about training issues. Most posts are up to a week old.




Doggy Dan answered all the questions. There aren’t many online courses that allow the creator to take the time to answer members’ questions.

Bonus #2: Weekly Video Update

You won’t be bored by the short videos. Each video is followed by a section that highlights the most important points.

You can also download PDFs of checklists and other useful information.


    • Classic Consult Collection: This bundle includes Dan’s best consultations. It will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to help your dogs and other dog owners.
    • Stella the Blue Heeler: A nearly 3-hour-long video detailing Stella’s dominant aggression Barking, lunging, and pulling the leash show the power of The Dog Calming Code.
    • Full Consult Mverick & Ruff: Another 2-hour video in which Doggy Dan applies The Dog Calming Code during an in-home consultation to resolve growling, lunging, and leash pulling.

Testimonials for Doggy Dan, an online dog trainer

Dave van Zwaneberg:

“As a vet, I now have a place to point my customers towards—a solution for every dog behavior problem.” Congratulations, Doggy Dan, for creating the undisputed best dog training system in the world.

Edited on November 16, 2018

“All that Dan has taught us has worked well with our dogs in his online dog training. Although they still have some way to go before becoming “model citizens,” Dan has helped them get there. Thanks Dan.”*

Robert Moffat:

“We’ve had many “expert dog trainers,”  but none of them worked with Mitsy.” I was therefore skeptical when Doggy Dan recommended online training. His simple approach has won my dog over, and I am now a complete believer. Doggy Dan, you are the best!

Doggy Dan Training: Where can I buy it?

Start by downloading a 3-day trial from his website for only $1. Click on the button below to get started.

It’s possible to view the entire site, learn some techniques, and feel the course before you commit to a full-price subscription. This is an enormous benefit.

If you decide to continue after the 3-day trial period, your subscription will be $37 per month. You can cancel at any time. You can cancel within 60 days and get a full refund.

Although it might seem expensive, it is still much less than hiring a professional trainer for up to $100 an hour.


Who is Doggy Dan?


Doggy Dan is Dan Abdelnoor. He is a New Zealand-based professional dog trainer, behaviorist, and author.

He is a dog owner and has three dogs.

These consultations are used to create videos.

His personality is one that dogs love to get along with and respect.


There are two options: take an online course or register for a local class.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Training is a great choice if you love technology and want to train your dog the right way.

Learning online is cheaper than traditional methods and requires no commitment of time for at least 3–4 months.

You can cancel your subscription and opt for an online class if you are unable to discipline yourself.

Doggy Dan is a great resource. It’s full of good information, and Doggy Dan is very active with his members. It covers many situations that other programs don’t.

Doggy Dan is an online trainer who focuses on the body language of dogs.

Other science-based, forceless methods are also available.

Not only does your dog need to learn online, but so do you.



Information, content, and material in this document are intended to be general and are not to be considered professional advice.

In all matters relating to the care, training, and handling of dogs, it is important that you seek out the guidance of a qualified professional, such as a veterinarian, dog trainer, or any other qualified professional.

Doggy Dan or any other source may provide information on this site. You must not rely on it.

Doggy Dan’s Online Trainer for Dogs: Pros and Cons

There is no perfect world. So I created a list with pros and cons that will help people who aren’t sure whether Doggy Dan is the right program for them.

What I like:

  • It addresses the root causes of dog behavioral problems.
  • Dogs will be more inclined to appreciate a gentle training approach.
  • Your dog will be able to trust you and form a strong bond.
  • It takes only a few minutes every day.
  • You can create your own training program.
  • Your knowledge will be invaluable to other pet owners.
  • This will help you prepare for any future dog you might have.
  • The web-based design makes it easy to access any place from any device.
  • An online community of like-minded people will be available to you.
  • It is very affordable, as opposed to other dog-training programs, which can cost astronomical amounts.
  • You can cancel your membership at anytime.
  • For $1, you can get a 3-day trial.
  • If you are not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

What I don’t like:

  • It takes time and dedication to train your dog by yourself. This may not be possible for people with very busy lives.
  • Access to the program materials requires internet access.
  • Until you complete The Dog Calming Code course, access to some courses will be blocked.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. However, it is important that you objectively decide if the online dog trainer will fit into your life.