Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules: Do They Really Work?

5 Golden Rules To Becoming Pack Leader

We all love caring for our dogs. But part of that love also ensures kids know the difference between right and wrong. You’ll be able to do it with excellent puppy training. Using Doggy Dan’s training methods is one way to aid with this.

Doggy Dan’s exceptional online reputation as a dog trainer has already made him well-known to the majority. We can help, though, if you’re curious to learn more about his online dog training program and the illustrious Doggy Dan’s five golden rules.

Although we are not allowed to go into depth, we can give you an idea of how these rules function. Therefore, let’s begin!

The Five Golden Rules of Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Program

The training program’s films deliver information using the five golden rules as their guiding principles. If you’re curious about these rules, the details you need to know are provided below.

1. Demonstrate your ability to deal with any threat

The primary emphasis of Doggy Dan’s dog training program is on the alpha training elements. You firmly establish your role as the leader throughout this type of dog training. You make sure your dog obeys you at all times.

A great way to establish yourself as the pack’s “alpha” is to show that you can handle any risk. The best way to do this is to keep calm and not lose cool when things get tough.

Consider a scenario where your dog is misbehaving while being trained to use the potty or while being taken on a walk. If the dog exhibits aggressive behaviour, do not show up suddenly. Instead, use the cover test techniques to show your anger. Don’t, for instance, yell at the dog or punish it in any other way.

Doing this will give you the impression that you don’t care about its garbage. Regarding punishment, there is no room for negotiation; everything happens exactly as you say. When the dog realizes this, it will begin to submit to your authority. He’ll also stop stepping over the boundary in this way.

2. Highlight your food preparation.

Since you are the dog’s owner and the “alpha of the wolf pack,” you must supply food for yourself and your tiny pet. Assuring complete control over food is another component of this online dog training program.

Let’s not move things along too quickly now. This does not suggest that you should occasionally starve your dog. But the underlying meaning is that you should eat before the dog to show dominance.

When your dog is in the same space as you, grab a piece of food. Then, while the dog is here, finish your snack. Likewise, disregard the dog’s cries for help.

Finish your meal instead, and then give the dog his due share. If you do this a few times, the dog will rapidly repeat its respect for you.

3. The owner of the dog is not the person being walked.

One of the five golden rules is to make sure you are not the one being walked. You made a good approximation. This is one more factor that encourages balanced dominance.

One of the owners strolls one of their dogs outside while the owner is walking another dog. So you must ensure that you are the latter and that your dog is the former.

Your dog might try to get ahead of you and go anywhere he wants when you set out on your brief trips. Show him that this is unacceptable. If you allow him, he is free to get enthusiastic and enjoy the little things.

Take the lead at all times; never fall behind. This does not suggest that you should tug on the leash firmly or move considerably faster than the dog can. Keep your average walking pace and be aware of the short legs of the little boy.

If you follow this way, you’ll be able to enjoy your walks with your partner fully. You will also establish your authority by making sure your dog understands that you are the pack leader.

4. Ignore your dog after a separation.

This one may be the most difficult to follow of the five golden rules and training approaches. Ignore your dog for a brief while after separation to control their behaviour.

This does not mean that you should disregard your dog completely. That would be bad for the dog’s growth and would lead to issues like resentment and a lack of trust. Instead, carry out your everyday activities as soon as you reach home.

After a few minutes, you can approach the dog and start playing with it. It won’t be necessary for you to repeat this repeatedly. Instead, it is a way of dealing with issues related to dog behaviour.

Depending on the dogs in question, you might need to do this for a week or two. Additionally, try to convince the other members of your human family to join you in this.

Remember that you shouldn’t do this with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety or has previously experienced maltreatment. Nobody who owns a dog wants their pet to respond negatively to this.

Dogs with issues like the ones mentioned above won’t handle ignorance well and may misbehave. Some individuals may even start to feel depressed.

Rather than operating in this way, follow the other rules. This applies to other training programs that these dogs might find harmful. Never prioritize someone else’s health over anything else.

You should remember that Doggy Dan is a well-known dog trainer for a reason if you’re apprehensive about using this technique on dogs who don’t have these issues. The New Zealand SPCA has also approved his dog training program and these five golden rules.

Except for those with a history of trauma or separation issues, any dog can test them out risk-free. Whether a dog has these issues, it’s crucial to remember to over-extend them.

5. Common Dog Behavior That Is Decisive

On his website for online dog training, Doggy Dan offers simple final instructions. Every business owner should make sure you are in command.

Although they will accept you as the pack leader, dogs won’t hold that belief for long if you are cruel. Always give your dog praise for good behaviour to avoid spoiling them.

Give the youngster, for instance, a good technique if they learn it well. But make sure to give him a prize when he does something extraordinary.

The best way to deal with dog issues is to ensure they understand their actions. They will find this when you compliment someone for their good deeds while criticizing them for saying the wrong things.

Positive reinforcement is used in this type of training, and most dogs react very well to it. However, keep in mind that since this online dog training course strongly emphasizes group psychology, dogs respect and follow fair leaders.

To be reasonable and fair, you must devise a way to punish them. Damage to the body, the tongue, or the mind is never a choice.

Punish your dog using any of those methods to discipline your dog. Instead, use expressions. Teach them reprimanding phrases that they are aware of. Then it would help if you momentarily ignored them when they misbehave.

Dogs will rapidly stop their undesired behaviour if you use all of this. Furthermore, your role as the pack leader will be established once you follow this rule and all others.


Doggy Dan has just finished teaching his students the final of his five golden rules. The essay above covers all the essential things that each government seeks to convey.

Dog owners enjoy them because of how helpful they are. If you learn and follow each rule as directed, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to do the same for you.


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