Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules – How to Control Dog Behavior


doggy dan’s 5 golden rules - how to control dog behavior

Doggy Dan is the founder of a very famous online training program for dog owners known as The Online Dog Trainer. He devised a method known as Doggy Dan 5 Golden Rules. These five golden rules form the foundation of his training method on how to control the behavior of your dogs. His goal is to share his experience and techniques with lovers of dogs. His technique provides a unique connection between dogs and dog owners. One of the reasons why his technique is considered the best is that unlike other trainers he does not focus only on the problem, but also the root cause of the problem and he gives the best and most effective way to solve the problem from the root, this ensures that the problem is solved once and for all. On his website, you can sign up for just $1 and enjoy 3 days free trial to watch as many of his videos you like.

The five (5) Doggy Dan’s Golden Rule:
1. Who controls the food?
2. Who will take care of any danger?
3. When you are away from your dog, who is the pack leader?
4. Who dictates the terms (i.e. Do you listen to your dog, or does your dog listen to you?)
5. Who walks who?

These rules are very effective, but they would be inefficient if you do not behave like the pack leader.


Implementing Doggy Dan’s five (5) golden rules in your daily training routine will impose your authority (not in a negative way) on your dog showing that you are the pack leader and not the other way round. These rules are easy to implement and does not require much time. One of the unique qualities of these rules is that it does not use fear, aggression, punishment or force to accomplish its goals. Doggy Dan provides you with a hard copy of the rule so that you can paste it anywhere you like and it will serve as a constant reminder of the rules.


The difference between a puppy dog and an adult is that with the former one can actively influence its socialization, while with an adult dog therapy without physical or verbal violence as stated by Doggy Dan must be applied to correct those inappropriate behaviors, either inside or outside of the home.

Almost all the problems of aggressiveness, dominance, phobias or destruction can be treated successfully thanks to specific Doggy Dan dog training, in which, depending on the problem and character of the dog, and the character and way of life of the adopters, the attitude of the family with the dog takes on a very significant relevance.

Creating a safe environment for your dog, acting with it as a true herd of dogs would, simulating its hierarchical structure and being a vehement, serene and coherent leader, you can start working. It does not matter how old the animal is. If it is a very old dog, the only thing that can happen is that we take a little more time to get results because their behaviors are deeply rooted.

How to face re-education

Like the puppy, you must follow the bases of:

  • Doggy Dan five (5) golden rules
  • Coherence when applying standards
  • Calm and reflection of a problem
  • Marking of limits and norms from the beginning

With adults without discipline, you will have to start from the beginning, as if they were puppies.

You are the leader of the first day.

  • The dog contemplates the humans of the house as members of a pack in which he must find his place, which will always be the last if you want him to be obedient.
  • From the first moment, through coherent and serene attitudes, you have to send the necessary messages so that you understand that all the humans of the house are above him, hierarchically speaking. In this way, you reassure yourself that if one day the family expands, the new human will also be their leader and therefore worthy of their respect and affection.
  • Create a safe environment where he does not detect any danger, relay him from any responsibility and live happily and calmly at home.
  • Apply Doggy Dan’s Five Golden Rules daily.

How to show who the leader is?

  • Never respond to their demands for attention: ignore him (neither look at him, nor talk to him, nor touch him, not even to tell him to give up). Once you have stopped asking for attention, call him and give him all the cuddles, caresses and games you want. Although it sounds a little hard, the dog accepts to be relegated to the last place, without more, when you show him that you are a good leader. In fact, for any dog, it is easier to live without the responsibility of leadership
  • Do not give him your food when you are still sitting at the table since his interpretation is that you interrupt your food to give it to him
  • Feed him when the family is finished and the table is collected. The dog always has to eat the last one. Do not go near your trough until you have finished
  • Do not let him climb, on his own initiative, to beds or chairs, which are the places that correspond to, who has the upper rank. If you want it to go up, invite him to go up and then go down. In case you have problems to get down, do not allow it again until you have worked for your leadership again
  • The leader always goes first through the doors, corridors, stairs … If your step interrupts you, dragging your feet, bothering you to get up
  • Act in the game by starting and finishing it when you decide, and with the way of playing that we have described in the section of the game. If you hold your hand with your mouth, playing, and squeeze, a sharp, strong and fast scream will be enough to, in most cases, release you. An attitude of yours that goes beyond the limits, will interrupt the game
  • Give him lots of cuddles and caresses, but the initiative of the beginning and the end must have you

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