How To Help A Fearful Dog Gain Confidence


This article informing about how to help a fearful dog gain confidence. Its unfortunate that many people do not understand dogs that are fearful. In the process of trying to make them better, they instead worsen the situation. Fearful dogs are usually the ones without a strong character to lead them as pack leader. Most times, the most gentle and nicest people own these type of dogs. These owners often only want their dogs to enjoy the life others experience in a free, happy and fun-filled environment.

Their mistake is their failure to see how timid the dog is because what they can deduce from the actions of the owner is that they are the pack leader. Like a lot of dogs, they (expectedly) struggle to cope with the pressure.

Let’s imagine a scenario where at 4 years of age you suddenly find yourself alone with your sister in a dark wood. Any strange sound or person coming in your direction may scare you. If any of your parents was around, you would feel more secure. This is due to you not been in charge. The same thing applies to your dog when you establish them as the pack leader. They are often scared to death and all they want is to arrive home hale and hearty.

The dog will bear the burden of all the responsibilities and they find it difficult to cope with it in this world. They often have to make decisions on too many things every time.

If you fail to assist them on time, they will react.

If you want to assist your dog, you have to begin by becoming the pack leader and you can do this better via watching videos than reading about it. There are some things which you should note when dealing with a timid dog and they are:

  1. You can change them but you need not rush things because it may backfire.
  2. You have to assume the role of a pack leader- You can log on to a few video based websites that will demonstrate how you can establish yourself as the pack leader. Reading about it will not be enough..
  3. Tell your pals to ignore the dog at the first meeting.
  4. No one should approach your dog until it becomes calm and you ask him to come over. If he does not respond, it must be due to fear and you should let him be.

A reliable video site will point out the right way to handle things; all you have to do is relax and learn.

Assuming the role of a pack leader is a fundamental part of being successful with timid dogs. Till you discover that part of you and practice it, it will be almost impossible to assist your dog.

One of the finest websites around is The Online Dog Trainer.

It features fantastic videos on making yourself the pack leader and also demonstrates how to inspire confidence to fearful dogs.

Have a look at a screenshot from the membership website.