How Do You Stop A Dog From Biting When Excited?

How Do You Stop A Dog From Biting When Excited

Many people ask how to stop a dog from biting when excited. While there are many different techniques that can work, some of the most popular ones include using a muzzle or training your dog not to bite in the first place.

Causes of Dog Biting

There are many reasons why a dog may bite someone, but the most common cause is excitement. When a dog is excited, it can become prone to biting out of aggression or insecurity. There are a few things that owners can do to try and prevent their dog from biting, below are four tips.

Tips to Stop Dog Biting

If you are having trouble stopping your dog from biting, there is help available. There are a few things that you can do to help control the outburst and stop the dog from biting altogether.

One way to stop a dog from biting is to teach them how to sit. If your dog is biting out of excitement, you will need to be able to make them sit down quickly so that they don’t bite somebody. Once your dog is sitting, give them a treat and praise them. This will help them associate sitting with positive reinforcement.

Another way to stop a dog from biting is to use positive reinforcement training methods. This means that you will use rewards to train your dog not to bite. Rewards can be anything from petting privileges to food treats. When using positive reinforcement training methods, it is important that you start early in their development so that the behavior becomes ingrained.

If these methods don’t work or if your dog continues to bite out of excitement, then it may be necessary to put them into obedience training. This will help teach them how to behave around other people and animals.


Dog bites can be scary and frustrating, but ultimately they are only a problem if you allow them to be. If your dog is showing signs of being excited or aroused (barking excessively, lunging at people, etc.), try training them with positive reinforcement. This will help teach them that biting is not appropriate behavior and will eventually stop the bite altogether.