How Long Does It Take To Toilet Train A Puppy?

how long does it take to toilet train a puppy

Getting a new puppy is a great thing to a family of puppy lovers. The whole family is sure to enjoy their time with the new puppy. But often puppies pose the problem of naughty puppy behavior. If the puppy is not trained well, the puppy may tend to misbehave. Training a dog is a good thing, but it does take some effort and time. But the real question is, how long does it take to toilet train a puppy? The answer to this is complicated and includes a variety of factors. Some things to consider when potty training a puppy include age, any special circumstances, how often the dog is left alone, other pets in the home and changing homes.

If the dog is old enough and has already been trained by someone else, then it is simple. Simply show the dog its new home and its new potty area. Your pup should catch on pretty quickly. If your new puppy hasn’t already been trained, it will take you some time and patience to do it correctly. The owner should consistently concentrate on potty training the puppy. If the owner can dedicate a week for it, that should be sufficient.

How long it takes to potty train a puppy also depends on the breed of dog and how intelligent they are. Some dogs catch on pretty fast, while some others do not get it so easily. But if consistency is maintained, it is easy for the owner to train the dog. It is a fact that potty training a puppy is not a simple thing. It requires a lot of effort. One thing required here is consistency. The owner needs to spend consistent amount of time to teach the puppy. The owner can dedicate a particular amount of time to do it. If the dog is old and has already been trained, the owner can simply show its new toilet. But if it has not been trained yet, it needs some training.

One person among the family should keep watching the puppy. If the puppy circles the areas for quite some time, then it is time for the puppy to pee. It is right time to take the puppy to its toilet. This can be repeated till the puppy does it by itself. There are some other keys for how to train dogs. First and foremost, bear in mind that while training a dog, the owner needs to avoid being a friend to the dog and ensure that they have the alpha dog or boss role in the relationship. Training dogs is always a good thing since it teaches them manners and the dog can later assist the owner.

To train a dog, the owner has to repeat the commands so that the dog can start to remember them. One example is that, when a dog tries to attack a stranger, it can be stopped by shouting a command such as “Heel!” Sooner or later, the dog recognizes the command. So whenever it does it again, the owner can simply execute the same command.

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