How to Control Your Dog’s Behavior by Becoming the Pack Leader

Become the Pack Leader

No question stands out like that of ‘how to become a pack leader’ of all the inquiries I get regularly because of its importance. It is about showing your dog that you are the boss. View the pack leader as the guy who takes the major decisions like what direction to head to while on a walk, how to react when confronted with strange things and how to respond to different scenarios you are presented with.

The moment you become familiar with the way dogs pack, you recognize how vital it is for the pack leader to always have the final say. Allowing the dog to make decisions may make him commit many errors and mistakes. Before you can comprehend how to assume the role of a pack leader, you have to identify the things that a dog does not value like-Your the type of car, how big your house is, your income, or how many tongues you can speak in. You should know that your dog would choose a great snack over all of these.

Becoming the pack leader goes beyond asking your dog to sit before dinner and only in cases where your dog leads would you experience walking through doorways.

Also, you need not be physically domineering for you to become the pack leader as it could send the wrong message to your dog about the use of force. Although it may force your dog to be submissive, it would not give your dog enough reasons to believe you deserve the position of a pack leader. To the dog, you may be nothing more than a bully.

Dogs of all breeds have a common way of trying to recognize or establish the pack. To master it, you have to see it being practiced on video just like those I uploaded on a video site. The necessary aspects to take charge of are outlined below:

  • As the pack leader, you have to calmly control the situation in cases where your dog notifies you of danger by barking. By ‘danger’, we mean whatever your dog sees as a threat and barks at within or close to the building.
  • Ensure your dog does not pull at any stage including at the start. I have learned from experience that you can only master the right way to walk your dog by watching videos.
  • As the pack leader, your dog should find time to fully relax and totally switch off a home. A dog that does not relax and is always on is showing signs of being the pack leader.
  • How you greet your pet on getting home influences your ability to make your dog switch off. As you will see when you watch the video, it plays a crucial role in deciding whether you become the pack leader or the follower.
  • Feeding your dog the right way will influence who becomes the pack leader. It involves much more than making your dog sit. Having a dog who is not motivated by food may throw up a few surprises.

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