How To Become The Pack Leader Of Your Dog

How To Become The Pack Leader Of Your Dog

How To Become The Pack Leader Of Your Dog

You want to be the pack leader of your dog, and you want to be able to dominate, control, and discipline your dog. This article is full of advice, tips, and suggestions on how to do this.

How to Become the Pack Leader of Your Dog

When it comes to dog training, one question I frequently get is how to let your dog know that you are in charge, or the “Head of the Class,” “the Head Honcho,” or, of course, “the Leader of the Pack.”

The pack leader is an important position because other dogs regard him as the decision-maker. They tell us what to sniff on walks, which trees and bushes to pee on, and other useful information.

You’ll see why it’s critical for you to be the pack leader once you understand and appreciate how important hierarchy is in dog packs. Leaving it up to your dog is a recipe for disaster that will only bring you and your dog bad things and bad times. That must not happen!

Here’s How To Make Your Dog The Pack Leader

But, before we get into how you’ll lead your dog pack, it’s important that you understand that none of this matters to your four-legged leader.

The kinds of things we obsess about — what kind of car we drive, who’s dating whom, or how much money someone makes — are meaningless to your dog, and they’ll ignore them as soon as their favorite treat or toy appears.

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Still, being overly dominant with your dog isn’t the best way to become the pack leader. Instilling in your dog the belief that it all comes down to physical strength will lead to problems down the road.

Sure, your dog may become submissive to you, but it won’t be because you’ve proven to be a worthy leader, but rather because you’ve proven to be physically dominant — or, to put it another way, the neighborhood “bully.”

So, how do I become the pack leader of my dog? No matter what breed they are or where they are born, all dogs use the same methods to determine who will be the pack leader.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that watching videos of qualified trainers is the most effective way to learn. It’s how I learned, and it’s also how I advise others who want to train their dog.

When you’re learning to take control, keep the following points in mind:

  • When their dog barks or becomes alert, the pack leader remains calm and in control.
  • During walks, your dog should not pull you at any point, even when they are excited. One of the first videos I’d watch is about teaching your dog to walk properly.
  • When you are truly the pack leader, your dog will be able to unwind and “turn off” completely while inside your home. If your dog is always excited when they’re inside, it’s a sign they believe they’re the pack leader!
  • How you greet your dog when you get home is directly related to how you teach them to switch off when you get home. The importance of video from trained professionals is critical because it will help you see the TINY differences between a dog owner who is a follower and a pack leader.
  • Finally, feeding your dog properly will demonstrate that you are in charge. And it’s not just about teaching them how to sit!

I use a dog training site called The Online Dog Trainer, which shows you exactly what you need to do — all on video — to become your dog’s pack leader and how important it is for resolving any behavioral issues you may be experiencing.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you should watch their free video series. Good luck, and I wish you and your dog a long and happy relationship!