How To Get My Dog To Come When I Call Her

How To Get My Dog To Come When I Call Her

You call your dog, but instead of coming he runs everywhere but towards you.

This is a big problem many dog owners have. And let’s face it – it’s annoying. But that doesn’t meant it can be resolved. In today’s episode of the Dog Trainer Review, we are listing how you can make the most of it in a few simple steps.


‘How To Get My Dog To Come When I Call?’

First and foremost, the biggest mistake you may be doing is yelling for your dog to come whenever he or she has done something wrong. In cases like these, your pet associates the call with something that is negative and is confused and therefore unlikely to come to you.

Another thing worth mentioning and adopting from Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Guide is to not let your dog run free too often. The idea behind this is that when your dog is having fun, this is what he or she wants to be doing. And in case you call them to get them on leash, it means that the fun is being ended for them – and therefore again causing problems with trying to get your dog to come to you.

The best way to get your dog to come when you call is to call when he or she is hungry. This is when the training should start and the best time for that. You can do this by offering a little bit of food and taking few steps back and repeating the process. Your dog will associate your call as something that is worth going for and therefore train to get near yourself on every call.

A Final Word

In the end, you should always be patient with your dog and never call him or her to stop playing. In cases like these, it is always better for you to approach him or her than actually call him – and stop the fun.

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