How To Help Prevent “Accidents” During New Puppy Potty Training

How to Prevent Puppy Accidents

Puppies experience “accidents” all the time. Accidents during the first few training sessions are inevitable with puppies. There’s a big chance that before your new puppy learns to control his bodily functions, he’ll have a few soiling accidents within your home. The most important thing is knowing how to respond to these situations so your new dog can understand how to toilet-train puppies.

It’s common for new puppy owners to react inappropriately to accidents. Still, it would help if you kept in mind that puppies are not people. When the cause happens much sooner than the effect, puppies often struggle to understand cause and effect. Punishing a puppy for an accident is useless, mainly if it occurred just a short while or even a few hours ago. The relationship you are attempting to place with your new puppy may be stressed because doing so will only confuse and scare the puppy.

Taking Action After Accidents Without Reacting Overly

Accidental accidents should never be harsh or unreasonable, regardless of how bad the accident was. Do not spank or punish your new puppy harshly by rubbing his nose in his mess, for example. These punishments are brutal acts; they are not the right way to raise a puppy. Your new puppy will grow to hate and fear you intensely.

To prevent accidents, you must constantly keep a careful eye on your puppy. It will help if you correct the puppy as soon as you see that he is eliminating outside the house or is about to do so. Your puppy may stop pawing at the door, whining, or displaying distress signs.

To stop the puppy from urinating, say something like “Eh eh!” or “Whoops!” Another effective strategy to stop him is to startle him with a loud noise that makes him immediately stop what he is doing (but not too loud).

Take him outdoors in each of these scenarios straight away so he can finish urinating before giving him a dog treat. You want your new puppy to understand that going outside to eliminate himself will result in favourable responses from you.

Keep that it is your responsibility to keep over the puppy at all times; if you can’t, you must put the puppy in his crate.

Keeping your puppy from making comments about a particular area

It is crucial to thoroughly clean up after an accident since puppies have a keen sense of smell and will return to the spot where they previously urinated until the smell of dog pee is wholly eliminated.

Using common cleaning materials like soap or detergent powder is entirely insufficient. To eliminate the smell of dog pee, it is recommended to use specially formulated stain removers, such as Nature’s Miracle odour remover spray or Simple Green outdoor odour eliminator, and dog odour absorbers, such as Smells Begone odour absorbing gel jar.

If you didn’t acquire a pet-formulated odour eliminator before bringing the puppy home, now would be an excellent time to do so. Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, keep the puppy away from the area so he won’t consume or come into contact with the cleaning supplies.