How to make your dog think you are the pack leader

how to make your dog think you are the pack leader

Dogs are pack animals and they need to have a leader. It can only make sense for the humans in the dog’s pack to be the leaders of the pack with the dog.

I intend to answer and elucidate two very essential questions concerning your dog in this piece.

These vital questions are:

1) Is it necessary for you to assume the role of the Pack Leader?

2) Does a Pack Leader have to be assertive, forceful or aggressive in character? An instance is whether you need to raise your voice or hit your dog for it to be the best dog it can be.

Finding the answers to these important questions may be the key to an immediate and permanent turnaround in the way you relate with your dog.

Let us go into the first question.

Is it necessary for me to assume the role of a Park Leader?

The reality on the ground is that Dogs are and will always be Pack pets. Also, some are followers while the others are the followers. These are unchangeable facts and represent how a dog is wired.

The convention is for the Pack Leaders to decide on many things while the followers have to follow him or her. That is just the way it is.

Wild dogs are pack animals whose history can be traced back to wolfs as their precursors. Even humans can make up a pack. There are times when the pack will consist of more members like kids, dogs or one cat.

What usually happens is for the dog to see these creatures as parts of the same group whose leader has to take charge of and lead.

These days, it is common to see dogs who are ever ready to be loyal. These dogs just follow your orders without any resistance or reluctance. It is relatively easy to handle and train these dogs. Not surprisingly, the owners of these dogs mostly have the belief that their performance as custodians is the reason for the loyalty of the dogs.

It’s possible for you to have encountered such owners. They usually have a gentle, obedient and attentive dog around. You must have wondered how it became possible because you can’t see the owner doing anything unique. It’s possible for you to feel a little sad that your dog gives you a lot of headaches.

The question is, why is it so? The truth is that, on most occasions, it is not because the owners are that good. Some dogs are naturally easier to handle and train than the others. Simple!

The reality is that you can afford to do a lot of things if you have a loyal and gentle dog. A lot of folks have such dogs. For many years, these people have had such dogs which make them believe that they have mastered the art of dealing with dogs. You will often find such people giving people tips on how to do such when the truth is that they are lucky to be blessed with a loyal and easy dog.

On the other hand, if you are the type that has an uncooperative but smart dog, you have to be wary of the kind of signals and messages you dole out to your dog. It is harder to deal with this kind of dogs if you are not proactive and smart. There is only one smart way to train such dogs, and it is by making sure you are the Pack Leader in the house. It is only when you assume the leadership role that the dog would obey you.

Note that the distinction between a gentle, loyal dog and a tough one is not of the breed. It is simply a matter of personal attributes. Until you take such dogs home, it will be impossible to detect such traits. It may not be fair, but that is how it is.

Guess you can figure out why you find it difficult with your dog. It is probably why you often need to entice your dog and why you are struggling with them. It is similar to when you attempt to swim upstream, and it never happens. These dogs just would not succumb, and you are likely frustrated. The reason is that your dog does not see you as the pack leader for now at least.

The consoling news is that help is available right here.

I can assure you that the first step to take if you are having a tough time with your dog is to assume the role of the group or Pack Leader. I have just unearthed a valuable resource which will reveal how you can act that part most impressively and calmly.

Before we go into that resource, let us treat the other question.

2) Is being aggressive a necessary attribute of a Pack Leader?

You have to note that the most important Pack Leaders are usually cool headed and consistent. They can be assertive in a fair way, they do not raise their voices, and they see no need to hurt anyone in any way. Most of the conventional attributes of a Pack Leader are currently not in vogue or acceptable nowadays.

In the past, we learned that you have to intimidate your dog physically, be forceful and get confrontational with your pet which often makes things worse.

The ideal way to train your dog is to make people learn how to capture the minds of their dogs in a relaxed and calm way to be willingly embraced as the Pack Leader by their dogs, not forcefully. This innovative training approach is positioned to transform how we deal with and train dogs at home.

When we understand the way dogs view the human world, we will be able to tailor our characters to send messages to them in the way they can respond. It is quite essential to send the proper messages instead of expecting them to reason like humans. We rarely expect dogs to behave like a bird or a fish, so why do we human reasoning to them?

Unlike us who are Primates biologically, dogs are classified as canine beings who are descendants of wolves. Thus, we are bound to be very different.

The moment you learn how your dog’s mind works and why it does some things, you would realize that you need not incite fear or get aggressive when training the dog. The fact that you are battling with your dog likely shows that the dog has not embraced you as the Pack Leader.

Assume the role of A Pack Leader immediately.

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Enjoy your training sessions and bye for now!