How To Prevent Dogs From Peeing On Rugs: 8 Tips


Bringing a new dog or puppy into the family is a lot of pleasure. However, adjusting to a new family member can be more complex than expected. If you have welcomed a puppy into your home, there is a big chance that the pet will require care and training to avoid messing with your gorgeous area rugs and throws.

This article advises homeowners on quick remedies and ways to stop dogs from peeing on the carpet and brand-new rugs.

Here are eight recommendations you can use to stop your dog from urinating on your area rugs in the future.


You can deter your dog with a straightforward vinegar solution.

A simple, homemade vinegar cleaning solution can significantly make the experience of bringing new pets into your home. If your dog has already urinated on the rug, a vinegar and water solution might eliminate the smell of urine and deter them from urinating on the carpet again. By staying away from the acidic vinegar, dogs are known to refrain from urinating on area rugs.

Teach Your Dog

Try to break your dog’s bad habit if they routinely urinate in your area or throw rugs. Use various retraining techniques to get your dog to relieve himself outside.

Provide frequent bathroom breaks for your dog.

Dogs and puppies don’t get enough chances to go outside, which causes spills on the carpet and area rugs. Even trained dogs kept indoors for a long time will pee on the area rugs. If you want to keep indoor urinating from becoming a regular occurrence in your home, ensure you provide your dog with frequent pee breaks.


Make use of a commercial carpet solution.

Regrettably, you are not the first pet owner to have a dog urinate on brand-new carpets and rugs. Additionally, you are not the first. Commercial cleaning tools can help you quickly and easily eliminate the smell of urine on your throw rug, which will also deter future incidents. Commercial carpet cleaning treatments deter lemongrass and cinnamon, two ingredients that will stop your dog or puppy from peeing on the area rug once more.

Put your dog in a crate when you’re not home.

If you’re going to be gone for a few hours, be sure to crate train your dog or new puppy. Dogs are less likely to pee inside in a tiny place since they would have to be close to the stink, which they won’t appreciate.

Remember, you shouldn’t confine your dog to a crate at home for more than a few hours at a couple.


Put lemon juice on.

Like how they dislike vinegar, dogs do not appreciate the acidic scent of lemon juice. This means homeowners can stop their dogs from urinating on area rugs or throw rugs by using a DIY cleaning solution with a lemon juice scent to stop future accidents.

You should softly spritz a freshly squeezed lemon solution diluted with water over your area rug or throw it to prevent future spills.

Always keep your dog within sight.

If your dog is still adjusting to the layout and smells of your home, keep a close eye on him for the first week or two after adopting a new furry family member. You don’t want indoor urination to become a habit, or the smell of dog pee remains in your area rugs. Don’t let your dog or puppy out of sight, and keep an eye on them. Also, be mindful of when you need to go to the bathroom.


Make an aqueous solution of baking soda.

The scent of any previous carpet accidents your dog may have had will be eliminated by the baking soda and water solution, making them less likely to occur again, even though it won’t necessarily deter your dog.

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