How To Put On A Kong Dog Harness?


Using a harness is a great way to assist control a young dog or even an older dog dislikes the leash. It may be claimed that it is gentler because you don’t have to drag your dog around by the neck. Better security, comfort, and control are part of the same package. Then, how do you put the dreadful things on? We’ll demonstrate how to put on a Kong dog harness today and give you some tips on how to teach your dog to wear a harness. To help you decide whether or not the Kong “on the move” harness would be a good fit for your dog, we’ll use it as an example and provide you with some background as we go. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Kong On The Go paracord harness instructions

How, then, do you put one of these? A dog harness looks like a complicated maze of rope if you don’t know where to look. Your starting point will be the neck loop. Line up the centre back strip or neoprene handle of the Kong harness after placing the neck loop around your dog’s neck. This should be in the centre of your dog’s back. Once this is in the centre, a strap from each side attaches to its corresponding belt from the other. Put a buckle on each and fasten it behind the front legs. The front neck loop has a second strap connecting to the two clasped behind your dog’s legs. We only need to make a few adjustments now that everything is secure.

How to alter a Kong dog harness

We’ve got you covered if you want to know how to tighten a Kong dog harness. To pull a Kong harness, insert a little more of the strap through the buckle and drag it out the other side. It should be neatly secure. There aren’t many additional instructions required because the Kong harness is designed to be simple, snug, and fast. It would help if you learned to ensure it is snug but not TOO tight.

Signs to watch out for

Making sure the harness is snug but not too tight is your best bet for securing it. A couple of these signs indicate that the harness needs to be adjusted:

  • If the handle on the back does not stay in the middle, the harness must be tightened.
  • You can tighten it without injuring your dog while trying to escape!
  • Chafing, a sign of anything being too tight and harming the fur.

So, where may one purchase a Kong harness?

Finding a harness is simple. However, if you want to save time, you can quickly get one online. Most pet stores carry Kong products. We have selected a few examples to show you if you prefer the latter path.

Kong red reflective paracord harness

Even though the model displayed is for little dogs, you may purchase these in any size you need. This one is made of good-quality paracord, so it should last you a very long time.

Pink paracord reflective harness from Kong

This harness is also available in reflective pink if you’d prefer something a little more feminine for your pup. Reflective harnesses are excellent for ensuring that your pet is always seen when you are out walking at night.

Kong’s grey reflective harness has a pocket with a zipper.

This Kong model is perfect if you want a harness with a bit of additional padding. It also contains a little pocket with a zipper that you may use whichever you like. This harness is a good fit for dogs who become restless in a thinner design.

Several tips for training your dog to wear a harness

Your dog can quickly become used to the harness with simple effort. You should show your dog the harness after unpacking it and let them give it a good sniff (no biting!). We now suggest putting it on the dog and having them wear it inside. Once you’ve put the harness on your dog for the first time, please give them a reward and lots of praise. Allowing them to run around a little can keep them entertained while they become used to it, leading to the best results. Your dog will soon forget they are wearing it with a little play, so start long.

Last versions of the Kong dog harness instructions

Now that you know how to put it on and secure it properly, it’s time to go for a walk since, as they say, the proof is in the eating! Your dog is intelligent, so after that first walk, they will realize that whenever you take the harness off, it is a sure sign that they are about to start playing. The eagerness your dog should show in response makes it a little trickier to put off, but you’ll become great at it quickly! You should feel at ease taking your pet for a walk if you ensure the harness is secure.

Several closing remarks

This article included tips on putting on a Kong harness and ensuring your dog is secure and content while wearing one. As long as it fits properly, your dog will appreciate the saddle, and you’ll have many pleasurable walks with it. Putting it on will be simple once you both become used to it. Watch for chafing or other signs of being overly tight or loose. Happy hiking to everybody!