How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House


How do you stop a Yorkie from peeing in your house?

Potty training a Yorkie is a difficult task for any dog owner. However, once they understand it, they will proceed in the proper manner. However, if your Yorkie is constantly urinating inside the house, it can be a major issue and a source of frustration. So, what’s the best way to stop a Yorkie from peeing in the house?
Training a Yorkie is an effective way to stop them from peeing in the house. You can also try crate training.

The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkshire Terrier)

The Yorkshire Terriers were created in the mid-nineteenth century in Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire is one of the tiniest breeds of dogs among the terrier breed type and other dog breeds, but don’t let their small stature fool you; Yorkies are known for having a big personality. This dog breed is self-reliant, intelligent, brave, and bold. They stand their ground even when confronted by dogs twice their size, so Yorkie owners must be cautious. If you decide to get a Yorkie, you will be owning a dog that is both loving and feisty.

Yorkies Pee in the House for What Reason?

Inappropriate urination is a problem used by veterinarians to describe Yorkie peeing in the house. So, before you start fixing the problem, figure out what’s causing it and learn it accordingly. Some of these factors include:

Inadequate Training

It is critical to properly train Yorkies, especially when they are in the learning stage. Their inappropriate urination habits will return if they are not back trained from the start and until they have learned the dos and don’ts.

Extreme Feelings

Yorkies have a tendency to show inappropriate urination behavior when they are overly anxious, scared, or excited. They act this way because they don’t have self-control, and the problem needs to be fixed with the right training.

Dogs in their Golden Years

When your Yorkies were younger, they may have had good peeing habits, but as they grew older, their habits may have regressed. This occurs because as dogs age, their memory deteriorates, and they may forget their training and begin breaking house rules. In Yorkies, aging triggers a slew of health issues, including incontinence and urination.

“Medical Concerns”

One of the most important things to check when your Yorkie starts urinating in the house and it becomes a habit is if they have any medical issues. Peeing in the house can also be caused by medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, and kidney problems. When people suffer from this or other medical problems, their ability to control their urine deteriorates, and they begin peeing in strange places.

Behavioral problems

If medical issues aren’t the cause of your dog’s incontinence, then behavioral issues are most likely to be to blame.
To find out if this is the case, pay close attention to your Yorkies’ behavior and see if anything triggers their peeing problem. Marking, especially in male dogs, dominance issues, and extreme emotional urination, where they are either too anxious, excited, or stressed, are all common behavioral issues in Yorkies.

How to stop a Yorkie from peeing in your house.

There are some measures you can take to make it easier for both you and your Yorkie to stop the Yorkie from peeing in the house.

Check for health issues.

If your Yorkshire Terrier is urinating in an unusual manner, take them to the veterinarian to see if they have any serious or minor medical issues. These issues could include kidney or liver disease, tumors, diabetes, bladder stones, canine osteoarthritis, lifting or squatting legs when urinating, and so on. These medical conditions can affect your Yorkie’s urinating habits, so it’s important to keep an eye on their health and take them to the vet on a regular basis.

Remove the object from the spot.

When your dog urinates inside the house, make sure to thoroughly clean the spot with cleaning products that will effectively remove any odor. Because dogs are prone to returning to the scene of their crime, any lingering odor will entice them to return and urinate. As a result, regular soaps and cleaning products won’t work, and you’ll need to use enzymatic cleaners to thoroughly clean the urinated area.

Stop an end to the Act.

When you catch your Yorkie urinating in public, quickly interrupt their act with a loud noise so that they don’t return to that location. You can also use water to put a stop to the action. Negative reinforcement can be used, but it must not physically harm them.

Your Yorkie should be properly trained.

If your Yorkshire terrier is a puppy and is having trouble peeing inside the house, it’s possible that you’ll need to teach them proper urination techniques. If you have an older Yorkie who has already been trained and is reverting to old habits, you can either home train them or take them to a professional trainer and have them retrained.

Keep an eye on your Yorkie.

Another way to solve your older Yorkie’s peeing issue is to keep them close to you at all times so you can keep an eye on them and teach them when necessary. After a few days, when you believe your Yorkie is well-trained, you can gradually give them their freedom. You can also change your Yorkie’s routine by feeding them at specific times. These steps will help you correct your Yorkie’s bad habits.

Identify what’s causing the issue.

Yorkies, like all dogs, are prone to sticking to their habits. Identify the accident location and see if your Yorkie is peeing in the same spot when you find your Yorkie peeing in the house. because Yorkies have a proclivity for marking their territory. As a result, figure out why your Yorkie is marking those locations or objects.It could be anything, such as bringing new things into the house or anxiety, and once you’ve identified the patterns, you can work on identifying the issues. To prevent your Yorkie from marking, you can use artificial pheromones or calming aids.

Positive Recommendation

It’s not easy to train a Yorkie, especially after discovering your Yorkie peeing in the house. When this happens, avoid resorting to violent methods of dealing with the situation, such as punishing or yelling at your Yorkie. If you are, this approach will only slow down the training process rather than help them learn.
So, when you’re training your Yorkie, try to use methods that will help them learn quickly and behave well. Positive reinforcement goes a long way, so reward your Yorkie with treats every time he or she completes a task or obeys your command.

The Stages of Development and How They Can Help a Yorkie Stop Peeing In The House

Many of us have taken various measures to stop Yorkies from peeing inside, such as Yorkie peeing training, identifying the triggers, and so on. Still, we didn’t pay attention to our Yorkie’s developmental stages and how they affected him.
It is important not to bring a Yorkie home if they are less than 12 weeks old when they are newborn. The puppy should be at least 12 to 16 weeks old, if not older. When a newborn is separated from his or her mother too soon, separation anxiety can develop, which can lead to a peeing problem later. When dogs are under duress, stress, or fear, they urinate in an inconvenient manner.
They mature into full-grown puppies between the ages of eight weeks and six months. Ensure that you are teaching your Yorkshire the fundamentals at this stage.Also, provide your Yorkie with a positive social environment, as this is when they begin to develop personalities and learn new habits.
When your Yorkie reaches the age of six months, he or she will require advanced training, as this is the stage in which they will require ongoing training in order to learn appropriate habits and rules. When peeing or potty training is not taught at the appropriate time, it becomes more difficult to train the Yorkie, and they may not learn it properly if it is not taught at the appropriate stage, when learning is easier and memories last longer.
When a Yorkie reaches the age of ten or more, he or she may forget the training that was given to him or her. Your Yorkie will require additional assistance and should be trained on a regular basis.
Because of this, training a Yorkshire Terrier properly at the right times and taking the steps needed to raise them well at all times will go a long way toward making sure your Yorkie acts right.


It is a myth that Yorkies are impossible to train. They are hard, but not impossible to train. When training Yorkies, use patience, attention, compliments, and some dog treats. It’s critical to properly train your Yorkie and hire the best professional trainer. Otherwise, the Yorkies’ trained behavior will begin to regress after a period of time.
So, if your Yorkies are urinating inside the house, don’t take drastic measures to solve the problem. Rather, figure out what’s causing the issue and take the necessary measures to fix it.

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