How To Stop A Yorkie Peeing In The House [Training]

When your Yorkie defecates on the brand-new rug in your living room, it is adorable, charming, and lovable. No matter how much you love your dog, we know how frustrating it may be if they frequently have accidents indoors.

We can assist you with quick instructions on preventing a Yorkie from urinating indoors.


What Makes My Yorkie Urinate Indoors All the Time?

The first step in resolving your dog’s toilet problems might be pinpointing the understanding.

Inadequate training

The most apparent reason for frequent accidents at home is a lack of training. For practical training, patience and persistence are required. It will regress if your pup doesn’t reach a few crucial milestones in the first year.

Most experts concur that it is time for more challenging training at six months of age. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to enlist training yourself at this point, it is advised that you hire a professional.

Exceptional Feelings

One of the appealing traits of Yorkies is their caring attitude. These sensitive dogs make excellent pets. They are, however, also prone to various emotions that can make them prone to accidents.

Dogs may urinate more frequently when they’re scared. If your Yorkie urinates in the presence of guests or other dogs, this can be a problem. In contrast, if your pup becomes overexcited and happy, it may pee more. It might aid in reducing emotional triggers.

Too much water

The digestive tracts of Yorkies are tiny. As a result, they will quickly pass any food or water they consume. If your dog drinks too much water, it may have more accidents in the House.

Remember that drinking too much water might cause health problems like diabetes. For this reason, discussing the problem with your veterinarian is crucial. You should also rule out any more severe health issues connected to thirst and frequent urination.

Lack of a toilet repair

If your Yorkie frequently has accidents, it might be time to reevaluate its available toilet options. If your dog doesn’t go outdoors much or can’t go outside—for example, because you live on the top floor of a highrise—you might want to provide additional indoor toilet options.

Dogs have many options for using the toilet inside, including “pee pads” that you can leave out for them to use. The plastic jar that contains the pee can be emptied. Some pee pads even resemble grass, which makes them more accessible for dogs to learn to use.

Changes to the environmental

Yorkies are environmental animals, and changes in their surroundings may cause them to act out by peeing within your House. Examples include rearranging the furniture or acquiring a new animal or child.

Changes in your regular schedule may cause your Yorkie’s behavioural issues. For instance, if you switched back to working in an office after working from home, your pup might become agitated and act out.

Health Issues

Many medical problems might cause urinary incontinence. In Yorkies, a UTI, or urinary tract infection, maybe to cause it. This needs veterinarian attention to stop it from getting worse. If a UTI is not treated, your dog could suffer from severe discomfort.

How can you tell if your dog has a UTI? They might also urinate more frequently or possibly have blood in their urine. They might also lick themselves more frequently. Diabetes is another common factor that makes dogs urinate more frequently indoors and necessitates medical intervention.


Your dogs can be more prone to accidents due to their insufficient training. Get some “puppy pads” for indoor toileting for the time being, and make sure to give your dog the training time and attention it needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, dogs that urinate frequently may also be affected by old age. Older dogs frequently have worse bladder control. They are also more prone to illnesses like kidney failure. Even a well-trained dog may have accidents in certain circumstances.


How to Protect Your Yorkie From Traffic

Understanding the right solution may be easier if you comprehend the causes of your Yorkie’s undesirable potty behaviour.

Always take them out.

The chance of indoor accidents can decrease by taking your dog for walks more frequently. Most puppies must go outside three to five times a day to urinate. Nevertheless, depending on factors like size and age, the number of required voyages fluctuates.

In general, younger dogs need to go on vacations much more frequently. This is a result of the puppies’ insufficient bladder control. They also need urgent relief since their small bodies allow water to pass through them swiftly.

Reduce Water Consumption

By drinking enough water, your dog can remain healthy and hydrated. However, it is easy to give your dog too much water. If your Yorkie drinks excessively, reduce it by dividing the water into smaller amounts. The water bowl should be the same every day and refilled at around the same time.

Remember that puppies often need to relieve themselves soon after eating and drinking. As a result, it would be advantageous if you were prepared to use the outdoor toilet after feeding time. This can support the behaviour of a positive behavioural pattern.

Offer a helpful critique.

When your Yorkie urinates in the proper spot at the right time, compliment them. Pets can give praise and attention, or you can provide them with a toy or gift to play with. Thus, the behaviour will continue to be reinforced in the future.

Don’t correct your pup when they make a mistake. They won’t become frightened unless you chastise or strike them, which will undoubtedly make the likelihood of a toilet accident. Remember that your pup lacks training if you start to get frustrated. You have to teach them.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

If your Yorkie is still a puppy, be prepared for occasional accidents. Most of the time, puppies don’t fully develop bladder control until they are about six months old. Now is the time to step up their toilet training.

Because you’ll need to be ready to take them outside when they need to pee and to give them when they do it correctly, you’ll need to pay close attention to this. If you cannot train your Yorkie yourself, perhaps because you have to go to work, hire a professional.

Approaches to Take After Accidents

Accidents cannot always be prevented, even with the appropriate safeguards and changes, such as those listed above. If a mishap occurs, use an enzymatic cleaning right away.

This can help eliminate any lingering odours that might make your house smell awful. Smells need to be eliminated to stop similar incidents in the future. Dogs will recognize previous pee odours and return to their favoured “pee locations,” so you want to eliminate any stench.

Final Word on How to stop a Yorkie from Peeing in the House

It might be frustrating when your Yorkie has an accident at home. However, remember in mind that it’s not their fault. You are in charge of seeing and fixing potential issues as the dog’s owner. The guide above contains the details you need.