How To Stop Separation Anxiety In Dog


How To Stop Separation Anxiety In Dog

Separation anxiety involves a lot of stress and affects a large portion of the dog community, maybe up to 14%. People often misunderstand this issue and attempt to tackle it from a human perspective. They are often not able to identify the cause.To end separation anxiety, all you have to do is demonstrate that you are the pack leader. To expatiate on this.

For a start, we must recognize the below behaviors as symptoms. There is a wide range

of these things which also cause distress for the dog. However, tackling them does not treat the remote cause of the problem. Do you notice a pause in the behavior anytime you return? If it is, I can guess that your staying away is linked to the cause.

Let us examine these important symptoms…

1. Chewing – The endorphin released during chewing is almost the same as that produced when humans attempt to remain calm by chewing gum.

2. Barking/whining – This is a message to the owners to come back to the pack just like a man calling out his kids when he’s looking for them.

3. Escaping in your absence – Most times, this is damaging and at other times dangerous as well. Your dog will be searching for you. Many people are often advised to endeavor to exercise the issue out but this will not address the main issue.

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4. Digging & being destructive – this has links to anxiety and stressful behavior…

5. Self-mutilation – Involves extreme licking and chewing yourself.. Extreme drooling also emanates from stress. These symptoms are often misinterpreted as medical ailments but they all have a connection with stress.

6. Toileting – If you have trained your dog on toileting and he begins to visit toilet inside, you may be right to assume it is about behavior. If such only happens when your dog is far from you, it may have a connection with separation anxiety issues.

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Although you can find suggestions on how to tackle these signs in many places, there is only one route to uprooting the cause of the problem. To put an immediate end to separation anxiety, you must establish yourself as the pack leader.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a simple issue which occurs in a situation where your dog sees himself as the pack leader and you as a pack member or its personal puppy. Dogs in the wild are often not wandering alone out of the den and until you come back, your dog’s separation anxiety will go on. The moment you prove to your dog that you are the pack leader, your dog would be okay with your coming in and going out.

One of the perfect places to grasp more about assuming the role of a pack leader is the video-based website The Online Dog Trainer administered by Doggy Dan, an experienced and proficient dog trainer. Knowing the major cause of the problem comes first, establishing yourself as the pack leader is the solution.

To help you train and care for your dog

videos-doggy-dans-buddy4 Dog training videos. Often it's much easier to train your puppy (or adult dog) when you can see the right training methods in action.

The issue is that the majority of dog training videos on the web are useless, since they utilize the incorrect training technique. I suggest these dog training videos that are based upon regard and management.