How to Stop Your Dog from Barking When You’re Not Home

How to stop your dog barking is one of the challenges many pet owners, and house sitters too, struggle to solve. In this article, we will show you how to stop your dog from barking when you’re not home. It’s important you understand that your dog won’t stop barking at his/her own. You, as the owner, must make your dog stop barking.

how to stop your dog from barking when you're not home

Every dog barks occasionally, but sometimes it goes so far that you, your guests and your neighbors are annoyed. For the dog that is not pleasant, because he has to deal with many feelings at the same time.

Excessive dog barking can have various causes.

Some dogs quickly get scared. In response, they begin to bark as they panic.

Boredom or Loneliness
Dogs are pack animals. When they are alone for a long time, they get bored or feel lonely. As a result, the dog is knocked down or stressed. The excessive barking is his way of dealing with it.

Exaggerated Protector Instinct
Area rivalry is normal in dogs. They want to defend their owners or their territory from pedestrians or other dogs, even if there is no danger at all. This protective instinct can be exaggerated and leads to constant dog barking.

Looking for Attention
Dogs are animals that need a lot of attention. But sometimes dogs tend to overdo it. They call for attention and start barking as soon as you leave your dog alone for a while.

If you get mad at your dog, he gets exactly the attention he craved. Or you just turn to him to stop barking. This is not a pleasant situation for you or your dog.

With these tips and tricks, you can stop your pet from barking.

Before you can stop your dog from barking, first of all, the concrete cause for the misconduct must be clarified.

But the reasons for excessive barking are not always clear.

On the contrary, they could hardly be more diverse.

Thus, constant unfounded yapping can be racial, a sign of fear, or simply boredom.

Race-Related Barking:
Some dog breeds like that


Cocker Spaniel

and the



Bark almost never, others like that



and the



or the


Jack Russel Terrier or Terrier in general

Cannot get enough of it.

In moderation, you may allow your message-seeking dog his favorite pastime, but if it’s too much, you’ll have to stop yapping your sweetheart.

If your sweetheart prefers to hold Kläff concerts when the doorbell rings, you can try the following:

Three to four times barking is still tolerated, then you say loud and clear “off”. If he stops yapping, he gets a lot of praise.

But beware: it should be a quiet and serene praise. Otherwise, he might feel animated to be loud again.

But if he continues his bell concert afterward, just do the same thing again.

Praise him when he obeys your “out”.

Your darling will have understood the process quickly. So the problem is solved very quickly.

Barking out of boredom:
If your four-legged friend does not get enough attention, he quickly feels underemployed.

Especially when the owner is often on the road because of work, he lacks distraction.

The consequence:

He is bored and is simply looking for a job himself.

With some, it is played or bite and with some even yap.

So the constant Bell concert is merely an expression of his boredom.

If this is the case, it is relatively easy to stop it.

Take an extra long walk around the block with your pet before heading off to work.

Here he can really outpower and let off steam.

He will then peacefully hindrance, rather than bother annoying barking. So effectively prevent.

If your dog has a particularly strong urge to move, so you should turn with him a lap on the bike.

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But please not so:


or so:


However, I would let this form of cycling pass without any problems:

Briard rides a bicycle

or so:

Briard drives a scooter

But for the “normal case” is: Let your dog run beside him for 15 to 30 minutes.

But please adjust the pace to your dog and do not overwhelm him.

After that, he is so exhausted that he can easily be left alone for a few hours. The barking out of boredom does not become a problem at all.

Sufficient exercise does not, however, only serve the exhaustion of the dog. Also for social contacts, you should go at least 30 minutes daily with your pet in the fresh air.

Here he meets other dogs, can cultivate his social contacts and gets used to dealing with his fellow species. This increases the overall satisfaction of the animal so that problems like the yapping do not even occur.

If you can not take care of your four-legged friend for a long time, then take care of him with interesting dog toys as a precaution . Especially good are a game ball, a biting bone or an old blankie.

If the dog is left to its own devices, there is the danger of acquiring constant yapping, which is dangerously high.

 Barking out of alertness:

Many dogs feel the urge to permanently protect their owner from impending dangers.

And you usually do that with warning barking.

This attentive behavior is indeed praiseworthy but can be a nervous ordeal in the long run.

If the four-legged friend starts to sound the alarm in the stairway with every little noise, at the latest when there is a need for action.

And you can do that against:

Make sure your darling is not in the hallway.
Bring it in the kitchen or in the living room.


Here he is not even trying to listen to suspicious sounds.

Another insider tip to stop the animal from barking is the radio.

Soft background music has a calming effect on the animal and distracts him from his urge to be vigilant.


This will give you peace of mind in your apartment/house – and within a few weeks!

Barking out of fear and uncertainty:

Some four-legged friends have a very sensitive nature.

They are scared faster than other breeds.

If your animal favorite feels cornered, he often expresses this with a loud yapping.

But if he begins to yelp, if only a jogger passes by, then you have to intervene.

And this is best done by giving your dog security.

Keep him on a leash, keep him close to you and do not pay much attention to his behavior.

A few soothing words can positively encourage him. But please not when he is barking. He would then understand this as confirmation.

If your pet feels safe and secure with you, the mission to “get the dog bark off” soon succeeds.

If all this does not help then get professional help

If the described self-help measures do not lead to the desired success even after a long time, a dog expert is required. Obedience training can help here. The professional training then helps your pet stop the barking.

I actually assume that such obedience training has already done every dog owner with his dog
. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that every dog really listens to his owner and in every situation!

In basic training, the four-legged learn simple commands such as “seat”, “place”, “stay”, “on foot” or “off”, with which you can stop the dog barking.

The commands help you to keep the dog calm.

If the work is fruitful, your darling will be delighted with treats and a generous compliment.

Repeated repetition, the dog begins to remember the rewarding moment and slowly develops the desired pattern of behavior.

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