How To Stop Your Dog From Barking When Left Home Alone

If you’re wondering how to stop your dog from dog barking when left home alone, there are many solutions to consider. Check out our resource guide!

How to stop your dog from barking when left alone

Dogs do not stop barking when left behind? Or when you’re home he ruined the couch? Piss on your favorite pillow? Or damage your expensive orchid plants? Do not scold him first. Your dog may be affected by Separation Anxiety. Your dog is frantically freaked out when you leave him at home and vent him by ruining your furniture. This condition is different from behavioral problems. The good news, by exerting efforts this condition can be handled really.

Causes of panic

Separation anxiety can occur because our beloved dogs experience phobia to something, such as an earthquake phobia or have been lost in a place that is not recognized. Sometimes even the death of a person or other animal at home can also trigger this condition. But in many cases, the cause is that some dogs are genetically predisposed to this condition.

What are the symptoms?

This condition is usually shown by your dog with one or more of the following behaviors when you are not at home:

This condition is usually shown by your dog with one or more of the following behaviors when you are not at home:

  • Damaging behavior, such as tearing pillows or furniture, mutilating plants, clawing doors.
  • Barking, whining or howling constantly.
  • Urinate and big inside the house.
  • Trying to escape from the cage to hurt her.
  • Pace intently.
  • Psychological responses, such as dilated pupils or excessive panting.

Take a look at your house and your dog on your return trip, are there any symptoms above?

Separation anxiety vs behavior problems

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Not all behavior problems show symptoms of separation anxiety. For example, if we get home and find a pet dog chewing your flip-flops, chances are he’s just bored or finding a fun activity and using the opportunity when you’re not there for his fun. There are several factors that we need to be aware of that indicate the behavior problem is separation anxiety :

  • Behavior happens every time we go.
  • Behavior occurs only when we are not there.
  • Restless behavior begins even when we are just getting ready to go, for example when we carry a bag or wear a jacket. Our dogs know that our habits indicate we are going away. Just minutes after we put on a jacket, the pet may start barking or wailing.

Handling separation anxiety in the dog

In some serious cases, a vet may prescribe medication. But the most commonly used method for therapy is decentralization – an attempt to reduce and eliminate certain emotional complexes. In essence, we slowly make dogs accustomed to our movements when it will leave it so that the anxiety and panic are reduced, even disappeared. How to? Initial stage familiarize the dog to hear the key voice clinking. Get used to it until it no longer feels panic or frets. If the dog is used to the first stage, do the next step. For example, let him see us take the bag. Do it like the first stage until he gets used to it. If you are used to doing the next stage. It takes patience to do this method.

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