How to stop your dog from doing something

How to stop your dog from doing something

You probably have experienced a scenario where you failed in your bid to prevent your excited dog from acting under your control. It is similar to trying to halt a moving train by the words of your mouth.

It is a frustrating experience for the owner of the dog to scream and struggle to pull his/her dog in public. It often leads to people asking questions about your failure to handle the situation. All these are happening at a time when your dog is jumping and barking extremely in a bid to gain the freedom to do what he is determined to do. During this period, you have given everything to halt it, but it has not been effective. Pity!

From experience, I can confidently tell you not to feel dejected as it’s a common occurrence and help is on the way.

It can be better than this. I intend to expatiate on what to put in the back of your mind and the essential things to do when such an incident repeats itself. It’s cheering to know that these solutions are all easy to carry out.

Things that can Excite your Dog

In this piece, we aim to treat solutions that apply to several situations especially when there is a factor responsible for stimulates your dog to get agitated. There are times dogs disappear into thin air in a bid to do what he loves while we are left with only the leash.

It’s highly possible that these under listed things may trigger your dog to respond:

Cattle, little kids, cats, Birds, lawnmowers, Planes, Horses, dogs, Mouse, Balls, mobile toys, brushes & brooms, and others.

How to Fix the Issue

At this moment, we want to outline the main steps which can fix this issue:

1. Consolidate your position as the pack leader

Cementing your role as the pack leader is critical. A pack leader has an influence on his dog when outside as the dog will become gentler in your presence. Also, your dog will respond more to your actions instead of reacting to every step you take. Becoming a Pack leader places you in a pole position to begin your dog’s training as they will be made more attentive. Failure to take this step leads to your dog being oblivious of any of your actions. In their world, they rule the food chain, and as you have observed, it takes a lot to stop them.

How to Become the Pack Leader

It’s not as easy as it may seem on paper, but it is exciting as it will motivate dog owners to apply the methods that specialists have outlined. You can’t get an easier and more efficient place than the video website owned by Doggy Dan. I want to encourage you to log on to the site when you are through with this piece.

2. Ensure your dog remains Calm

It is quite common to see dog owners make the mistake of leaving their dogs in an excited state and attempt to handle them in the same state.

In a situation like this, you face a difficult task of returning your dog to a calm state, but sadly, it gets worse. The solution is to deal with your dog when he is in a relaxed state. In Doggy Dan’s website, there is a video which illustrates how to minimize the energy of your dog by employing a few great methods like The Calm Freeze. This technique involves holding beneath the collar using a hand that is upturned. Doggy Dan also sheds more light on the outcome of over excitement of dogs and a rush of adrenalin and the ways to prevent such a situation.

Doggy Dan typically displayed how to behave how you expect your dog to act instead of asking the dog to relax by screaming.

In cases where you are finding it tough, you can choose the easy option of taking your pet far away from the factor that instigates it. This is assuming you figured it out. Remain calm and take it a step at a time.

3. There are thousands of methods effective in calming a dog

In the process of taking your dog far away, it would be wise to experiment a few tricks to divert the attention of the dog from the trigger. If and when you manage to divert their attention from what is exciting them, the body of the dog is likely to fall in line and relax or calm down.

I usually repeat that there are thousands of routes to make a dog relax because new tricks keep popping out regularly. Doggy Dan illustrated some exciting techniques that we can use to ‘calm the nerves’ of dogs. The fact that there are specific methods for each dog means the size of your tool box would determine what is perfect for your case.

For instance, there are dogs which one can catch their attention with balls and food while there are those who lose their excitement when you order them to sit. There are quite a few who respond to Dan’s Sick Trick which involves searching for a stick in the bush while a dog follows your step. It may look easy, but it is effective.

4. Relish the whole experience

It’s a common occurrence to see owners trying to bring dogs back to their excited state when the dog is in a calm state. It is important to savor the moment as you begin resetting the brain of your dog. You should give them more attention to help them maintain this behavior. You need not be in a hurry as things done in a hurry hardly last long. So, you need to exercise patience.

5. Lead by Example

By this time, the dog must have relaxed and be prepared for the training. It is wise to note how far you have come before heading for what excites the dog.

During this phase, every effort you have invested in a bid to assume the role of a pack leader will become evident. Omitting this step would lead to your dog acting as it did before. The 5 Golden Rules to establishing yourself as a Pack Leader available online would help your dog to begin observing your behaviors.

You need to maintain your cool at this stage and know that silence is golden. You should take a step at a time while approaching the trigger instead of moving directly to it. You can choose to make progress in a zig zag motion to avoid facing it directly. Doing this will excite your dog.

Take a step at a time and remember that covering every aspect helps to speed up things.

Implementing Every Step

Those are the ways of influencing your dog. A little knowledge can transform your dog.

Have it at the back of your mind that Step 1 is essential, which is to assume the post of a Pack Leader. The moment you have the attention of your dog to your behavior, you need to take your minds off what triggers it. A situation when your dog does not observe your actions implies that the dog still sees itself as the Pack Leader and as such, you would not achieve your aim.

Thus, implement all of these steps as it’s difficult to deceive a dog. Dogs are naturally Pack animals which have those who lead and others that follow. In cases where the things described above occur, dogs often look up to those who lead them. So, assume the role of the Pack Leader and use your actions (not words) to demonstrate proper behavior to your dog.

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