Stop Your Older Dog From Toileting Inside


You have an older dog who toilets inside and it worries you. Let me shed more light on it. We should emphasize that we are referring to a dog who has been trained on toileting and has done this for a significant period like above 6 months. We have to first establish if the dog is not as old as being ill or incontinent. If none of these is an issue and you sense that it is behavioral, I can confirm that there is a high possibility that it is and the cause is outlined below:

The DNA of your dog is about 99.98% that of a wolf. For some seconds, see your dog as a wolf dressed in beautiful doggy wear. Your dog reasons and operates like a wolf. You are less likely to be the pack leader. Trust me, for you to know if you are the pack leader, log on to this wonderful video site (TheOnline Dog Trainer) and check out which level you are.

To the topic of in-house toileting, in the wild world, in a situation where a wolf puppy can’t find his way home, what do they do as GPS, maps and street signs are not available? Most times, the puppies have to follow the lead of their nose. They are able to sense the smell of the den and trace it back safely because the adult dog pack usually ensures there is a powerful fresh smell to trace.

On a lighter note, Your dog is the pack leader, not you. So, when you release your dog, it would do the exact thing you would do naturally to trace your way home. You know what? You indeed get home. However, when you are back, you become annoyed and stressed up probably because of being lost. Your anger is not related to the messing up of your new carpet.

For you to assist your dog, you have to reason like a dog. One of the most exciting and entertaining video websites is The Online Dog Trainer where every angle of dog behavior is treated by the experienced behavior expert and dog trainer, Doggy Dan.