How to Teach a Puppy to Walk on a Leash

One of the first steps in teaching a puppy to walk on a leash is to begin walking outside of the house. Use treats and praise to encourage the puppy. Start out by taking short walks and gradually increasing the distance. When walking your puppy, use parts of Method 1 and make sure to praise him for good behavior. For example, you can practice the sit and call command.

How to Teach a Puppy to Walk on a Leash

During the first few walks, keep a short leash at all times and offer treats to your puppy whenever it stops pulling or jumping up. This is to help the dog focus on you. It’s also important to reward your dog only once, otherwise, he’ll get bored and won’t want to walk on a leash. When the puppy does this, praise him or give him a treat.

You can reward your puppy by giving him treats when he comes close to you. This helps your puppy associate a positive image with the object he fears. Trying to pull your puppy might increase the chances of him pulling again. In such a scenario, you should try to get within eye-shot of the offending dog while offering a high-value treat when he does not. If your puppy is not responding well, you should reward him with praise when he follows you.

Another step to successfully train a puppy to walk on a leash is to make sure the location is safe. Start your training sessions in a familiar area. This will ensure that your puppy is less likely to wander or become distracted by other distractions. If you plan on taking your puppy to the park, be sure to choose a route that is not near a basketball court or playground.

You can use toys to distract your puppy when walking. The leash and collar should be associated with positive things and your dog should follow you. This will help your puppy develop a strong association with the leash. Eventually, your puppy will learn to walk on a lead. If your dog continues to pull on a leash, you must correct it. It is important to be consistent with this step.

As you progress, you should give your puppy a treat every time he does something on the leash. The first time you let your puppy out on a leash, let him sniff around and play with you. You can give your puppy a small treat for every time he does it well, but remember that you should never reward your puppy with treats for pulling. Instead, use treats as a reward to encourage your puppy to stay on the leash.