How To Train A Puppy – A Puppy Training Experience

How To Train A Puppy - A Puppy Training Experience

Abbey the puppy

My name is Penny. I am a very inexperienced dog owner with a 16 week old Lab X named Abbey. She was the dominant puppy in the litter with a clown personality who pushed the boundaries from day one.

A previous dog trainer
Many years ago with a previous dog, I paid for some dog trainer and was instructed wrongly. I paid a high price for bad behavioral problems that worsened from the dog trainers advice not improved leading to a frustrating relationship between me and my dog. It even led to friends and family being put off from visiting me at my home!

Dog training with a difference
Dan’s puppy training though is different. It has given me the tools to form a trusting bond and learn how to establish firm boundaries by being clear and consistent -Dan has set me and my puppy up for a great journey together -a happy owner and a happy obedient puppy!

The results speak for themselves
By 11 weeks old Abbey had learned to sit stay outside my open front door and only come inside on command.

Abbey used to mouth too hard with me and once with my 6 yr old niece it turned into a bite. Dan taught me how to stop this without any shouting, force or fear.

Now Abbey never gets up on furniture and knows not to go into my bedroom

Dan gave us some great tips on toilet training

Abbeys recall is really good. People often comment on how obedient she
is at the recall for her age when I’m out

In the past when I was puppy training I used to overtreat Abbey with food. Dan has shown me how and when to use food rewards to maximum effect.

Dan has shown me how to do heelwork on the lead and the importance of this in having an obedient puppy.

When I first got Abbey home at 7 weeks she barked at me and pushed into me at mealtimes. The barking stopped within 2 days following Dan’s direction on how to feed her.

What I love about Dan’s method is it is simple and easy to follow using firm boundaries built on a foundation of trust and love, not force.

Dan helps me to see the world through my dog’s eyes. I feel like I understand and know my dog better and how to speak her language. I now have the rationale behind the behavior training for why certain things are so important.

No force, no fear, and no gadgets
His dog training has a lovely gentle approachable manner, he is utterly non-judgemental and wise and immediately put me at ease. He has a gift for dogs and is totally committed to improving their relationships with their owners. A true professional on dog behavior and obedience training I can’t recommend Doggy Dan highly enough!

Amazing value for money. His service is not just for one consultation but there on tap for a lifetime.

You have shown me how to communicate with my dog Abbey
Thank you!

Penny Light – Rodney