How To Train Your Dog To Come When Called

How to train your dog to come when called every time

To get your dog to come back to you, you must teach him that you are more intriguing than everyone else.

It’s important to teach your dog this behavior because it keeps them safe and lets them do fun and healthy things when they’re not on a leash.

Six easy ways to get your dog to come to you

  1. A genuine reward or a fun activity with a toy will entice your dog to return. Your dog should be shown food or toy.
    2. Step back from your dog and call their name, beckoning them with a happy, alluring tone. Responding to them can motivate them to attend.
    3. Give your dog the treat or let them play with the toy as soon as they come over to you, holding their collar gently.
    4. Gradually increase the distance between you and your dog until you can call him from room to room or into the garden.
    5. Request assistance from a friend or partner to take your dog while the other person walks, taking a firm hold of your dog’s collar and walking some distance away. (Remember to praise the dog each time you complete this.)
    6. If your dog dependably responds to your calls in the house and garden, you can start practicing in safe outdoor settings. Long training leashes may be helpful for teaching recall when outside because they give your dog some independence without allowing them complete freedom.

Extra guidance

  • Only call if you are going to congratulate your dog; if you call and then reprimand your dog, they will be less likely to answer the next time you call.
  • Avoid calling your dog to put them back on the lead; this may cause them to build an association and call for apprehensive attempts.
  • When you practice this command, always bring your dog’s favorite treats and toys so you can continue praising him when he returns.