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We strive for excellence at Silverblood Frenchies, and we are one of Florida’s top-rated French bulldog breeders. Isabella and tan French bulldogs are the world’s most rare and exotic-looking French bulldogs.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, champion-bred AKC registered merle Fench bulldog puppy from a reputable and trusted breeder, you’ve come to the right place. Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about this incredible and majestic breed of dog that we have come to admire and love. We have a lot of helpful information on our website to help you understand what it’s like to own a merle French bulldog and how to care for a brand new puppy in training.

Isabella is a French Bulldog (DNA).


Tan and Isabella

Isabella and Tan merle

Isabella pied

In both types of chocolate, black color pigments are diluted into brown. Two (two) copies of the trait are required in a pup. Each parent is responsible for one (one) color expression. The “B” locus can be used to test for testable chocolate.

The two (two) chocolate versions are currently incompatible. When a testable chocolate is bred to a non-testable chocolate, the puppies will not appear chocolate (phenotype), but will be expected to carry a copy of both parents (genotype).

The fur coat of testable chocolates is a rich, medium-brown color with a “reddish” nose. Non-testable chocolates are a darker brown in general. The eyes of both chocolates are light in color, ranging from golden to yellowish-green.

The “D” locus can dilute chocolate to make lighter shades of a specific color. Because “lilac” has traditionally been used to describe diluted non-testable chocolate puppies, “Isabella” is used to describe diluted testable chocolate pups.


Isabella vs. Testable Chocolate

A French bulldog that is visually chocolate and testable cholate will appear as (bb) on a DNA color genetics test. On a DNA test, a visually impaired French bulldog will appear as (dd, bb). Color that is visually expressed equals phenotype; color that is not visually expressed equals genotype.


Based on DNA test results, what can produce an Isabella French Bulldog?

Our Isabella and tan stud “Golden Boy” is pictured below; all of his puppies will be Isabella carriers (carrying testable chocolate) and will produce Isabella puppies when bred to an Isabella or testable chocolate carrier female. For information on Golden Boy’s stud fee or available puppies, please contact us.

Isabella-French-bulldog-Price-5Testable chocolate carrier (Bb, Dd) | Testable chocolate carrier (Bb, dd) | Chocolate carrier (bb, Dd) | Chocolate carrier (bb, dd) See the graph below: