My Dog Destroys the House When Left Alone

My Dog Destroys the House When Left Alone


After a long day of work, you come home with a wagging tail and wet kisses. You smile, grateful for your four-legged friend. And then you look behind him. The cushions you bought last week are shredded and the stuffing covers the floor. Your new sneakers have been torn apart and your favorite sweater is chunked in and among the debris. If you find this familiar tragic scene, you are in good company. Many dog ​​owners have lost their membership because many dogs tend to destroy objects when they are left to their own devices. But why? The reason varies depending on the dog’s needs and temperament, but loneliness and boredom are the most common motivators.

Dogs are very sociable animals. When left to their own devices, they tackle all sorts of interesting things, ranging from lying on their beds and chewing on their favorite bones to eating away at the corner of the leather sofa in the living room. If the dog does not know what he can chew and what he cannot, then is it really his fault if you go home to find the corner of your sofa tattered?

The dogs are very smart and can train very well, but in many cases, it is the owner of the dog who drops the balloon if you want it, the dog ends up acting in a way that his owner does not approve, but the dog has a behavior that is totally acceptable.

Fortunately for you, I have listed some ideas that you can put into practice if you have to leave your dog at home for an extended period.

A. First, do not put your dog in a situation where he can fail. This means that when you go out and you have to leave your dog at home, put it in a dog-safe room – a room with nothing you do not want to destroy, or B, give your dog something to distract him in your absence, so they do not decide to destroy your favorite couch.

Another option is simply to put your dog in a crate when you are away from home, eliminating the risk of a problem when you leave. It works well for dogs who have been trained as puppies at the cash desk because they consider their cage to be a quiet place and even go there without being obligated.

For dogs that are not caged as puppies, another option is to tie them up. It’s about letting your dog on a leash, then attaching the other end of the leash to an immovable object, eliminating the dog’s ability to get too far and get into trouble. If this is the option you choose, I recommend giving the dog something to chew on to reduce his frustration of being tied up.

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Dog training can do a lot to make sure your home is still standing when you come home from work and that you take the time to work with your dog to find out what is acceptable and what is not is a very, very good idea.

Other Solutions and Considerations

Even if you are sure you know what is causing your dog to die in your absence, you need to address the problem by talking to your veterinarian. His professional expertise can help you understand whether his behavior indicates a risk of anxiety or boredom and whether he may need more exercise based on his race. A veterinarian can also determine if there is another medical problem, such as a thyroid imbalance, that could contribute to the problem. However, whatever the problem, remember that the correction of problematic behavior takes time. Most homeowners cannot stay at home with their dogs until the problem is resolved. If your dog is trained in a crate, you may be more successful if you cover it during your absence. In this way, he is less likely to fall back into his old habits and your business will be safe. Just remember that your dog does not destroy things maliciously. He tries to communicate his boredom or anguish, neither will be less if you punish him. Reorient yourself, give him alternatives, but try not to scream or try to make him feel bad.


Eight times out of ten, spending more time each day with your dog is enough to correct the problem. However, if your dog is still destroying objects, you may want to take a look at a puppy crate when you leave the house. If you have monitored your dog and have decided that the problem is not behavioral, it is best to do it at the vet as soon as possible. You do not want your pet’s teeth and gums to start causing problems.

If your dog has a chipped or decayed tooth, it could result in a serious infection if left unattended to. Whatever is causing your dog to tear things up, he must face it head-on. Your dog should not have the right to destroy your home. Take the time to understand what is bothering your pet and do what you can to fix it.

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