Yorkshire Terrier Training For Obedience

Obedience training for Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dog that originated in Yorkshire, England in the 19th century, they came out as a result of a cross breed between different Terrier breeds of dog. The other terrier breeds that could have been in the crossbreed to develop the Yorkshire terrier include waterside terrier, Skye terrier, Manchester terrier, Dandie terrier, welsh terrier, Maltese terrier, Paisley terrier, dinmont terrier and some breeds of dog that are now extinct like the Clydesdale terrier and the Leeds terrier.

The Yorkshire terrier was initially used as hunting dogs to chase rats and other small animals away from the coal mines and mills located in Yorkshire, England. They are energetic, aggressive and like to assert their presence which eventually leads to dominance. They are athletic, muscled, well balanced and swift. They are often referred to as a toy dog breed

The Yorkshire terrier is an intelligent, energetic and aggressive breed of dog and they tend to be very possessive of their companion (that is they are intolerant of rivalry and unfaithfulness) and they become cranky when somebody else tries to get their companion’s attention. They might be aggressive but they also seek a lot of attention, they always want to be noticed and never ignored. They can sometimes be discouraged and disheartened when they are ignored. In order to train a breed of dog like the Yorkshire terrier, it consistent discipline and regular exercise.

The Yorkshire terrier is an energetic and aggressive breed of dog and they can attack any person or dog that tries to steal the attention of their companions, so they are not suitable for households with little kids who might sometimes mishandle the dog or try to gain the dog’s companion’s attention. Although the Yorkshire terrier is aggressive, they are usually very loyal to their human companion. The Yorkshire terrier does not easily socialize, that is, they do not easily get along with people and other breeds of dog, and they often get into fights with other animals that are bigger than them. One of the best way to teach your Yorkshire terrier to socialize is by exposing him to as many people, dogs, and animals as possible.

Obedience Training for a Yorkshire Terrier

Obedience training for a Yorkshire terrier is a way to protect the dog from dangers and also teach him some behaviors. If they are given a proper discipline they can be very easy to train for obedience. They are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in the world. Although Yorkshire terriers are intelligent, they are also stubborn which can make it very difficult to train them for obedience when they are not in the mood. Obedience training can also help solve the problem of excessive barking which can be very disturbing.

Obedience training for Yorkshire terrier usually involves teaching the Yorkshire terrier some commands. One of the best methods to teach your Yorkshire terrier commands is by using positive reinforcement training. If you are planning on training your Yorkshire terrier, you need to be calm and patience especially if your dog finds it difficult to understand the command.

Steps To Follow When Training Your Yorkshire Terrier To Be Obedient


REDUCE DISTRACTIONS: Begin the training in an isolated place with little distractions like a room in your house or a spot in your yard. As your Yorkshire terrier begins to understand and respond to the commands, make sure that you change the training spot once in a while. If you do not vary the training spot, the dog might think that the SIT command means to sit in front of the Mango tree that you often train him under, or to unintentionally associate other commands to a particular location.

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Start introducing the commands slowly to your dog in areas with more distractions as your dog starts to understand the commands. This is to make sure that your Yorkshire terrier will still obey the commands even with many distractions. And also remain calm and patient when training the dog.


TEACH YOUR YORKSHIRE TERRIER THE ‘HERE ‘ COMMAND : If your dog finds it difficult to learn the HERE command, you should assist him by using the command when the dog is already moving towards you. Do not continuously repeat the command when your dog does not obey it because it might weaken the effect of the command. Instead of repeating the command, wait and continue when your dog is already coming in your direction to use the command again. And remember to reward your Yorkshire terrier with treats and praise if they get the action right. This will enable them to associate the reward with the action and encourage them to repeat it again even when the dog is not moving towards your direction. And also, be calm and patient, it can be a frustrating process but do not punish the dog and always remember to reward your dog when he finally comes to you.



Put your dog in the corner of a room and hold a treat or chew toy at nose height and let the dog sniff the treat but do not let him close enough to the treat to eat it. Slowly raise the treat in your hand up thereby enabling the dog’s head to follow the movement of the treat and causing the dog to sit as he will not be able to reach the treat in its original position, as he sits down to eat the treats, reward him with treats and praise . Repeat this procedure a few times on a daily basis and start adding the SIT command before raising the treats above the dog’s nose. As the dog starts understanding and responding to the command to sit, you can make the reward giving less predictable by skipping the rewards once in a while which will prevent overfeeding and making the dog work harder to please you and not make him feel lazy because he thinks the treats are easy to come by.


TEACH YOUR YORKSHIRE TERRIER HOW TO SHAKE: Make your dog sit and stay in its current position and gently pick up one of your dog’s front legs at the elbow and slide your hand around his wrist. Shake the dog, say SHAKE and then reward him with treats and praise. Repeat this procedure frequently until the dog understands the behavior you expect from him.


TEACH YOUR YORKSHIRE TERRIER HOW TO ROLL OVER : Make your dog stays in a prone position and holds a treat next to his shoulder. As the dog turns his head towards the treats continue bringing it back around the dog’s back towards the shoulder and remember to keep the unoccupied hand on your dog’s rump to prevent him from standing up to follow the treat. The dog will follow the movement of the treat with his head which will make him roll over. Then after the dog had rolled over, reward him with treats and praise. As the dog starts to understand the action, start introducing a command like the ROLL command to make him roll over whenever you want.


TEACH YOUR YORKSHIRE TERRIER OTHER COMMANDS: You may use the positive reinforcement training to teach your dog additional commands after he had mastered the ones above. Teach him commands like the DROP, STAY, LIE DOWN and the LEAVE IT command and remember to reward him with treats and praise when he gets the action right.

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