Dog Training – A Guide To Behavior Training

Do you have a pet dog? Have you thought about getting him into dog training behavior training? You are wrong if you think it is a daunting task to get on with because contrary to what most people would say, the training itself is no rocket science and easy to administer. You can even do…

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Dog Obedience Training: Being the Boss

Dogs are naturally pack animals. This means they need an alpha to lead them in their everyday lives, and this also means the owner must act alpha; that the dog should consider you as the boss for the training training to proceed smoothly. Individual dogs vary in submissiveness, and to establish and maintain dominance over…

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Dog Obedience House Training – How To Go about It

House training is a very important phase in a dog’s life. It secures the tight bond and good relationship between the master and the dog. Experts advice that house training must start while the dog is young. In this sense, your pet’s misbehavior will be corrected at such an early time. Therefore, the sooner that…

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basic commands for dog training

Basic Commands For Dog Training

Are you bored with your dog who knows only three commands? Don’t fret, my friend! You could probably use a little jazz. Specific command words are not that difficult and important. The thing here should be the consistency of its usage. My friend, Wiki, here can give you a bit of a blast. Some of…

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5 Golden Rules To Becoming Pack Leader

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer – 5 Golden Rules To Becoming Pack Leader

If you know the ideal way to crate train your puppy, then it will make it far easier for your dog to comprehend the 5 Golden Rules To Becoming Pack Leader of the home. Apply the advice from this article and you’ll be well on your way to having a properly trained puppy.  

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How to stop your dog from barking when left alone

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking When Left Home Alone

If you’re wondering how to stop your dog from dog barking when left home alone, there are many solutions to consider. Check out our resource guide! Dogs do not stop barking when left behind? Or when you’re home he ruined the couch? Piss on your favorite pillow? Or damage your expensive orchid plants? Do not…

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how to stop your dog from barking when you're not home

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking When You’re Not Home

How to stop your dog barking is one of the challenges many pet owners, and house sitters too, struggle to solve. In this article, we will show you how to stop your dog from barking when you’re not home. It’s important you understand that your dog won’t stop barking at his/her own. You, as the…

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Crate Training a Puppy Made Easy With These Simple Steps

Crate training a puppy is a great method to make sure you will have fewer if any, accidents while you teach your puppy where s/he should remove. Crate training an adult dog can be a valuable behavior too, for times when a crate may be the safest place for your dog. For example, if you…

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