Puppy Toilet Training – How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast & Easy

puppy toilet training potty train puppy fast easy

There are a lot of joys to bringing a new puppy home and helping him or her settle in: the new toys, the cuddles, the little nips and bites, the cute whines…it’s all so adorable. Then there are the not so great moments including the frustrating moment where you go to check on your fluffball and he’s peed on the carpet. Or worse, pooped. These are moments that all pet parents can relate to, but there is a way for everyone to get through these moments as fast as possible. Despite what you may believe at the moment, puppy toilet training doesn’t have be long and terrible. These tips will help you to make the transition:

Stay calm at your puppy

When our puppy goes in the house, or we take him outside, he does a pee, and then ten minutes later when he’s back inside, he pees again, the frustration is going to build. It’s totally understandable that you are going to be upset and irritated, but it’s critical that you don’t take that frustration out on your puppy. Remember that he doesn’t know not to go in the house. So, if he makes a mistake, screaming at him or forcing his nose into the mess is only going to make it much worse.

Instead, try positive reinforcement. That is, reward him with a treat (see below) every time he goes in the correct place outside. Give him lots of praise and cuddles. He’ll get the hang of it much faster.

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Give treats every time

The thing about giving him treats when it goes outside and does his business is that most people wait too long to do it. Puppies have hopelessly short attention spans. Give your puppy his treat in the two seconds after he’s done his business, along with lots of praise in a happy and warm tone. It won’t take long for him to understand that the treats are connected to where he’s going to the bathroom.

On that same note, you should make sure that you are giving him a different set of treats that he gets for other things. That is, make sure the treats that he gets for going outside to pee are extremely tasty for him – and therefore more rewarding – that are even better than the ones that you give him inside for other things throughout the day. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a big supply of these treats on hand, either, because you have to keep the treats going for an extended period of time, every single time that you get him to go outside. Don’t stop after a few weeks!

Give him time to learn the new “trick”

It’s going to take him a big of time to learn the new idea of going to pee and poop outside every single time. He’s going to have relapses or moments where he decides to simply go in the house. Even if he’s been going outside for months without a problem, sometimes young puppies will revert back to going inside for reasons that pet parents may not understand. Stick to the routine with the treats and praise when he goes in the right spot, and he’ll adjust to it properly. Like potty-training a child, it is going to take time to get it all right long term.

Reduce the mats and rugs for him to pee on inside

In the early days especially, you are going to want to make sure that you reduce the number of rugs and carpets for him to pee and poop on inside. Try to take away anything that you can that will be spoiled. These things can be put back into your decor after about 6 months, when your puppy should be going outside consistently and used to it by now. As always, keep an eye on his habits after you’ve put down the rugs and mats again, just to make sure, but it should work out pretty nicely in that way.

If you are thinking about not taking up the rugs and mats remember that you need to be cautious. Urine is a hard smell to get out of anything, so you have to try to be as pre-emptive as you can so that your belongings stay say and urine-free. As with anything when you have a baby in the house, better safe than sorry.

Trust the professionals

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