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Puppy Confinement Schedule: What Is Conformation Training And Why Is It Important For Every Dog In Your Home?


What is Confinement Training, and how does it work? Confinement training is simply teaching your dog that being confined for a short period of time in a safe, clean space is acceptable. While the word “confinement” may sound frightening, teaching your dog to tolerate, and even enjoy, a small bit of down time in a specific space is actually quite humane. Why Should You Train in a Confinement Area? You might be surprised at how many unwanted […]

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How To Train A Puppy Go Potty Outside


How to Train a Puppy to Use the Potty Outside in 7 Simple Steps While bringing a new puppy home is always exciting, it also presents a number of challenges. For example, you should figure out how to properly potty train your puppy to go outside in order to ensure a happy and healthy coexistence between your new pet and the rest of your family. No matter how much you adore your new puppy, you and your […]

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How To Use A Training Collar On A Puppy: Why Use An Electronic Collar To Train Your Dog?


Some people who aren’t familiar with remote training collars think they’re cruel. Nothing could be further from the truth when used correctly. Remote training collars, also known as electronic training collars, have been around for a long time. The earliest models were embraced by working dog trainers, enforcing commands from afar. The stimulation settings on those early collars were limited, and they were not very friendly for the dog wearing them. However, their value as a training […]

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How to Start Training Your Puppy: Where to Start Puppy Training


Where to Start Puppy Training Puppies are constantly learning from their surroundings, the environment with other dogs and people, and direct training. This establishes a crucial foundation that will pave the way for their adulthood. Puppies who receive proper socialization and basic puppy training grow into confident adult dogs. To set yourself and your puppy up for success, follow this step-by-step puppy training guide. When Can You Start Puppy Training? Puppy training begins as soon as you […]

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German shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive: How do you keep your German Shepherd puppy from biting you?


Teach Your German Shepherd Calming Behaviors With The Rev Up And Cool Down Game: If your dog becomes overly excited, teach it the game Rev Up and Cool Down. Begin by taking a few steps forward. Stop running and walk slowly after a few running steps and before your pup gets too excited. Look away from your dog. Continue to move slowly when your dog slows down. When you notice them slowing down, take a few more […]

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How Long Does It Take To Potty Train a Puppy


I sometimes get the impression that I’m writing a blog about pee and poop. It makes my head spin to get so many questions about potty training puppies. This message was sent to me a few days ago. “I’ve had my eight-week-old puppy for four days and she’s still peeing and pooping in the house!” How long will potty training my puppy take? ” New puppy owners can be a fickle bunch. Learning when and where a […]

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How to Prevent Puppy Accidents: How to Avoid “Accidents” When Potty Training a New Puppy

How to Prevent Puppy Accidents

This article is about how to prevent puppy accidents. If you are interested in learning about any other related topic, then do visit our site regularly. Puppies are known for having “accidents.” Accidents during puppy potty training are unavoidable in the early stages of training. It’s likely that your new puppy will have several accidents inside your home before he learns to control his bodily functions. What matters most is that you learn how to handle these […]

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