Solutions For Dachshund Separation Anxiety


The following suggestions can be helpful if your Dachshund displays “separation anxiety.”

Whether you have a puppy or a Dachshund that is “new to you,” train your dog to be alone to lessen separation anxiety.

Like you would while potty training a puppy, starting separation training as soon as possible will help your Dachshund feel less apprehensive.


Learn to leave your dog alone

Most people have to leave their dogs behind for varying amounts of time (work, errands, etc..). Practice by starting with “short” departures and then building up to longer ones. This will help them become accustomed to being alone and minimize their separation anxiety.

Start with minimal intervals of under a minute. Your Dachshund will think you have left if you walk out the door and stay still.

Then go back in (calmly). I suggest not interacting with the dog when you get back during training. Ignore him if he jumps at your leg or barks to get your attention. Maintain your calm and carry on with something “normal.” The exercise is then done again.


Keep your calm as you get ready to leave.

We don’t rush around and calmly and meticulously grab our things (keys, etc.) before leaving the house (for whatever purpose). We’ve learned that the dog usually behaves correctly if we remain composed.

Downplay your return

Both remaining calm when leaving the house and not making a big deal out of your return is essential.

I think going overboard could lead to being excessively anxious, even though paying some attention when you first come is appropriate.