Solutions for separation anxiety in dogs

Solutions for separation anxiety in dogs

Not only Men, dogs too…

We can see separation Anxiety not only in human but in dogs too. Separation Anxiety is one of the worst things to go through. If the also dog faces separation anxiety, then it is completely owners fault. When it is, alone it starts to behave differently. It might bark, whine, moan, howl and urinate. It is the clear symptom of distress. It is better to attend to it as soon as possible before things get out of the control. The triggering point may be achange of owner. Change in place. Even the change in food. The possible solutions are as follows

1. A new pet, a new partner.

For some, it may sound foolish, but it is true. You might have seen a crow playing with acow. A cat is playing with thedog. A dog is comforting another dog. This thing may work, but there is no definite science to it. Before adopting new pet make sure, your dog does not have other problems.

2. Animal Behaviorist

The best option is to take your dog to ananimal behaviorist. The expert can help your dog to recover more quickly. They carry out some tests in the form of activities to diagnose the problem. Even a certified professional dog trainer will help you. Clearly, explain all the problems. Few notes on, why and how your dog gets into this anxiety attack also helps.

3. Spending more time with the dog

This method works on most of the dogs, which had arecent change in lifestyle. Spend some quality time with it. Take it to walk and jogging along with you. Some toys like balls, rings may have a positive effect on the dog. If the dog starts to respond then continue with the treatment. Else, consult a vet.

4. His favorite food, TV show, etc.

It is a proven fact that dogs can get into separation anxiety if they do not get what they want. A good and yummy treat will change its mood. Allowing it to watch its favorite TV show also helps. It is something to do with their need behavior.

5. Leave it alone for some more time

It sounds crazy, but it is not. Sometimes if you leave it alone for a short period, it may come back to you. This is the reverse way of dealing with it. It is a well-researched fact on dog behavior.

Sometimes people confuse sickness with anxiety. It is better to be sure before applying any solution. These are just a few solutions, which can work. There is no real quick remedy for ananxiety attack. Dogs too need care, love, and affection. It will follow you wherever you go.

Separation anxiety is a very direct problem that occurs when your dog believes he / she is the pack leader and is your puppy or member of his pack. In the wild dogs you will not walk alone through the cave and the separation anxiety of your dog will continue until you return to it. Once you show your dog that you are the pack leader, your dog will come with you and go as you want.

One of the best places to learn more about the founding as a pack leader is the video-based website The Online Dog Trainer, which is run by the professional dog trainer Doggy Dan. To understand the real cause of the problem is the first step to take the leadership position.