How to stop dog aggression quickly and easily

stop dog aggression quickly easily

Before you can master how to stop dog aggression, you have to answer these questions!

1. Did you kick-start the aggression and your dog had to join you in the act?

2. Are there times that your dog obeys you before acting that way when you attempt to point out a different way to behave?

The expected answers are :

When your dog begins to show aggression, he does not notice you at all.

He is deciding for himself and will not obey you when you try to tell him how to behave differently. Dog aggression is results of trying to be protective to its pack .You have to know that there are different forms of aggression ranging from dominant to fearful and those in the middle of both. There is an aggression which happens all the time and there is the erratic aggression which is influenced by some different factors. We can also try to identify what is the object of your dog’s aggression. Is it an animal, a person, and other objects?

You can end dog aggression the same way because the main cause of the issue is quite similar. Because it sees itself as the pack leader, it becomes scared and feels he has to protect both of you by attacking. Dominant dogs often adopt a more proactive approach by attacking at a time they can choose to run away while timid dogs only carries out attacks when there is no other option. There is no other factor as significant as this.

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To comprehend how to end dog aggression, it is very important for your dog to see you as the pack leader in your house. This is the perfect avenue to make him see you as the one who is in control. This is when you can prove to him that you are the pack leader while walking. A few excellent videos which teaches you how to establish yourself as the pack leader are available online..

After proving to your dog that you are the pack leader out there and it gets to the point where he typically shows aggression, you will notice that he would begin to observe your behavior. If you do not do so, chances are high that your dog will continually ignore you and your actions.

Always remember that as pack animals, dogs will always be loyal to their pack leader..

One of the perfect examples of a professional dog trainer which practices all these is The Online Dog Trainer. The site features live videos of this method being shown and expatiates on how to stop dog aggression by making the dog see you as the pack leader.