How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs

How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs

While your dog may be very peaceful around you, they may be very aggressive in the presence of other dogs. As much as we bring dogs into the human world, they are still pack animals and establishing dominance when facing another dog is a common behavior trait. The longer you let this situation continue, the more difficult it will be to curb him of this behavior.

The good news is that you can train your dog to behave when in your presence and keep their aggression to a minimum when using The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Program.

What is The Online Dog Trainer?

This is a training program designed to help greatly reduce the aggressive behavior that your dog may display to other dogs. While such behavior can be instinctive and natural to the dog, they can be trained to curb their instincts and respond to your commands when facing another dog.

The program itself offers a complete training system that lets you recognize the signs of aggressive behavior which may start off quite small and subtle. At that point, you can recognize the signs and take the appropriate action which will keep your dog from acting aggressively. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid certain situations which might lead to more aggressive and unwanted behavior from your dog.

How You Can Spot Signs of Agitation

In the online dog trainer, you will learn to see the early signs that your dog is taking an aggressive stance. Some of the indications include the following;

– Bristling of fur on the back of the neck
– Staring directly at another dog
– Flattening of ears
– Growling

Once you start to see the first signs of aggression that is the time to take action. By breaking your dog’s concentration through intervention you can stop a potentially dangerous situation from occurring. In addition, there are steps you can take to help prevent situations that may put your dog in conflict with other dogs. Here are a few simple steps that you can take to help curb aggressive behavior or perhaps prevent it from occurring.

Muzzle Your Dog: The muzzle is a safe, effective means of preventing your dog from biting another dog, another person, or perhaps you when their aggressive tendencies start to show.

Be Social with Your Dog: Basically, this means take your dog out to the park or put them in situations where they come into contact with other dogs. The more they are exposed to other dogs, the less likely their aggressive tendencies will take over if you demonstrate the proper restraint with them. This means using muzzles and a short leash at first. Once your dog reacts calmly to meeting other dogs you may be able to remove the muzzle and let them socialize more.

Pull Back and Down on the Leash: If your dog does lunge or leap towards another dog, give out a firm command of “No!” and pull down and back on the leash. Pulling the dog upwards only makes the situation worse as they will get into a more aggressive position.

The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Program will provide you with all the necessary information to control your dog when it is demonstrating aggressive behavior.

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